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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod allows to set RPG-like texts for NPC where the NPC "says" something to the player and the player can reply with a selection of given replies - which most of the time lead to the next dialog.

Original author: AliasAlreadyTaken/aka Bastrabun
Massive rewrite/extension: Sokomine

In order to be able to edit the dialogs of the NPC ingame, please install npc_talk_edit. The only situation where you might not need this extra mod is when you design your own adventure game and your players are not expected to edit the NPC.

Optional dependency: mobs_redo is highly recommended. You may be able to use other mob mods with manual adjustments as well (This is for very advanced users).

This mod here does not provide any NPC as such. You need a mod that does so. The mod npc_talk adds the actual NPC. It is highly recommended to use npc_talk or to create your own according to your needs.

You might also wish to use mobs_npc from TenPlus1 as that mod provides very useful actual NPC and will be used by npc_talk if installed.

To get started, best install yl_speak_up, npc_talk_edit, npc_talk, mobs_redo and mobs_npc in your world.

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • NPCs that bring the world to life

    These are the well-known NPCs of Your Land, created in such a way that they allow full immersion in the lore and events that occur there. Obviously I highly recommend it!

  • Good mod

    this has nothing to do with this specific mod, but is it possible to make mobs_npc compatible with your villages mod, in a way that NPCs automatically spawn in the village? that way new Minetest players would have a villages mod that is actually fun. if you, Sokomine, and TenPlus1 make your Villages mod, mobs_npc, and this new mod compatible it would be a win for everyone.


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