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NOTE: This game is very incomplete. Expect more features in the future. Imagine being alone. In a spacecraft. This is you.

After a terrible accident, that has caused an outbreak of mutant spider in the SSP spacecraft; you awake out of your unconscious state that was caused by a spider bite; and you quickly realize you're the only one left in the SSP. All your crewmates are gone. Did the die? Did they abandon you? How could have they possibly disappeared? As loneliness seeps in, and your will to survive diminishes, you must press on, and keep completing the "Incase of Emergency" tasks (found in your inventory). Maybe, once you have completed these tasks, and set course to earth, you will find ouy the truth about what happened to your crewmates.

You only have 1 life in this game, turn on creative mode for infinite respawns.

This is game is not only fun and a bit scary to play, but it teaches the importance of not being alone, and the necesity of friends, family, co-workers, and a good relationship with the God who created this world ("For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16).

Have fun!



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  • Hard game, but lacking some things

    This game does seem to be fairly playable and interesting so I'm giving it an upvote, although with a lot of asterisks :) Gameplay is alright, but will get somewhat boring after a while as the map becomes somewhat repetitive. However, maybe this is supposed to be part of the experience. In general, players probably need to keep moving, as the newly generated areas will have more of the items that you need and less of the spiders. This game could probably use some documentation as well, as some things are unclear unless you experiment for quite a while, like for example how to fix a computer. The textures are fairly consistent and seem to follow the game's style well.

    The spiders and eggs can be harvested by towering up on your favorite block just within reach of the eggs, then digging while the spiders below which may be protecting the eggs have no chance of hurting you. I'm not sure if this is a feature, or un-intended, but without this, the spiders are almost impossible to get away from. They seem to come in every direction with huge speed (faster than the player's typical walking speed?) and with no swords included in the game, and limited lighting, I'm not sure if this game is solve-able without that. A way to escape the spiders is to quickly make a lot of turns in the corridors, but you have to do this with sprint to keep out of their reach, which is quite expensive!

    In short, this definitely has the workings of a good game, just needs some extra touches to make it enjoyable, as well as a proper ending.

  • Great

    Really fun. Love the thing about "soy boys" in the mechanic's handbook!

  • Survival focused and unsettling

    Yep, this game is definitely going to give you a good scare if you play it for a while! The atmosphere is top notch: you're able to hear the creepy movements of the enemies in the distance and the many ambience noises are played frequently, giving this game a spooky vibe. One of the spiders made me physically jump, because it flanked me when I was trying to spot it. D: There are many objects to interact with and some POIs to find. Even though there was no way to win, I still enjoyed trying my best to survive.

    On the negative side, the quest goals aren't all available, so the game is unbeatable. I found one undefined item "ssp_base:moniter_screen"; the layout of rooms is also more that of a labyrinth than that one of a spaceship, IMO. The enemies spawn very frequently, so destroying spawners is always risky.

    I wish this could have had a proper ending, but anyhow it gets a recommendation.

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  • IMHO Best sound ambience of the 2022 Minetest Game Jam

    Overall rating

    I give this one a recommendation for the sound design ALONE, even if the game is lacking a bit in content and the goal is a GRIND to achieve. I hope this one will get expanded (and bugfixed) post-jam, I am looking forward for an update.


    The gameplay is basically ... survive, I guess? You run in a seemingly endless expanse of metal rooms, except it's not rooms, it's walls in a chaotic pattern. This game must have been directly inspired by SCP stories from the Internet, I guess it's not a coincidence that the letters "SSP" are similar to "SCP". :-) You constantly run throughout the rooms, hoping to find something new and punch to destroy objects like drawers, storage boxes. Most of the "rooms" look alike, but they are not identical, it's chaos. Normally I would find such things boring fast, but the ambience REALLY carries the game. I found two rare special structures: The engines with coal stacks inside, and a filter system. Apart from that, it's boxes, computers, drawers and some random electronics.

    The game tells you very little about what happens, you have to figure (most) things on your own, but this adds to the mystery. You get hungry fast, but there are plenty of food boxes, but you still need to restock constantly, so you need to explore further. I think the game still needs to add a few more special structures to be not monotonous, however, the endless repeating halls still have something spooky ...

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  • My Review [JAM VERSION]

    I wanted to have fun with this game but it wouldn't let me. Digging needs some serious fixing.

    I'd recommend reducing all dig times to <= 2 seconds, and making diggable things rarer to balance that out. If you want to go with your own solution you might find find this interesting. It's about walking, but I think most of the points brought up can be applied to digging in this game.

    I'd also recommend limiting the distance the flashlight can shine so it doesn't 'detach' from the flashlight, which breaks the immersion/atmosphere you had going.

    It's nice to see this genre get explored, there aren't any good MT games that do so yet. I look forward to future updates.


    Overall: 4/10
    Gameplay: 1/10
    Innovation: 8/10
    Content: 5/10
    Theme: 3/10
  • Annoying broad maze

    There are mainly three annoying things:
    1. the metallic sound on every step, which is always the same and it's very loud;
    2. the torchlight updating the cone of light with a delay (which yes, it's a limitation of the engine, but still it's annoying as a player. Players aren't expected to know nor care about what the engine can and can't do);
    3. it takes ages to break a node and potentially obtain items

    And since these aspects follow you for the whole game... the experience itself isn't that great.

    Also, a few bugs (spiders piling up on my head), a lot of English mistakes (and I'm not a native, so I've probably missed some) and not totally certain about what to do (yes, I've seen the inventory)



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