Simple Airship (sum)

Adds a simple airship for getting around the floatlands. Also optionally uses air currents.

Survival Machines / Electronics Transport

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This adds an airship to minetest_game or mcl2. Not tested on any other games. If it uses default:steel_ingot or mcl_core:iron_ingot for example, then it should work. It should not crash no matter what game you use though, this is only for the crafting recipes. The dependency on MTG or MCL2 is only for crafting, otherwise the ship it self can still be used just not crafted (because I don't know what your game calls each item / node etc)

Flies like a boat, WSAD, jump and aux1 (sprint) for up and down. Shift to dismount. Does not require fuel but will go faster when given any type of coal.

Crafting (mcl)

Craftable with wool > canvas and boats > hull. All items: wool: 27, string: 4, wood: 15, iron_ingot: 4

Crafting Guide GIF

Air Currents

This optionally uses sum_air_currents to apply force based on the weather. Both this mod and the air currents mod are in development so expect changes made regularly.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A good start

    Very interesting model and reactions. The particles emission for the smoke is great. If I could sugest something: - Change the key to go with the ship down to "sneak" instead "aux", is more intuitive as you use jump and sneak to use a ladder. - You could make a formspec associated to right click to show some options, like to start the engine and go offboard the airship. - An engine sound, when you make the start/stop function. - Increase the time to make curves, to improve the immersion. And reduce the friction a bit :)

    Keep the good work, I see a good future for it!

  • Very good and performs well

    I love this mod. It adds a very simple airship, and even on my not-so-good computer, it performs perfectly and doesn't lag. I like how if there is no one in it, the airship will just float down to the ground. I also like the crafting recipe. It requires a lot of wool, that makes sense, and wood, string and steel. It makes it fairly accessable to worlds that don't have lots of Mese or Diamonds, except for the fact that string is so hard to get in default MTG.

    One annoying thing is the shift button - it should make it float downwards, but instead makes the player fall off without any prior warning. There should be a right click menu that has a 'Disembark' button, similar to APercy's mods.

  • good work, it has good possibilities

    this mod works very well, I look forward to seeing the future of this mod

  • Very pleasant experience

    I really appriciate the interaction, utility and esthetics. I've noticied that I needed player_info mod to make it work.


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