Air Currents (wind)

Adds wind and air currents which can push objects and players.

Environment / Weather API / Library Survival

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Air Currents


In development. Expect issues!

  • can push players
  • can push entities that implement it
  • particles that show wind direction
  • commands and settings for configurability
  • no sounds yet
  • doesn't apply underground, only when 15 light level (which is only in natural light) or tests for natural light (mte 5.6)
  • works with sum_airship for smoke and airship being affected by wind

This is primarily for airships, but can effect flying with elytra in mcl for example. Should be compatible with any game, and almost any engine (if the get_natural_light function is not available it defaults to a pre 5.6 method).


The global var is sum_air_currents. Use this to get the wind or set anything. For most uses you can do

local wind = 
if sum_air_currents ~= nil then
⠀⠀wind = sum_air_currents.get_wind()

You can also use apply_wind:

local new_vel = sum_air_currents.apply_wind(vel, pos)

All of these methods are turned on or off with the command wind off/on and wind pushentities true/false.

More documentation will come with time.



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