TPH's Spyglass

Provides a Spyglass for zooming in and out (if RMB is pressed)

Tools / Weapons / Armor

Download (20 KB)
For Minetest 5.2 and above

How do I install this?

Based off of my work on Exile's spyglass, I bring you a separately and freshly 0BSD code licensed and CC0-1.0 licensed media Spyglass :D

Has sounds for opening (guess I should've said entering lol) and exiting the spyglass and utilizes minetest.after() to avoid some issues maintained by StarNinjas' which uses a dtime loop.

As long as a game doesn't modify set_fov and get_fov, item registration, and HUD handling, this mod should work with it. Games listed under compatible games have been tested by myself and confirmed to be compatible.

Recipes may NOT appear in custom inventory systems due to purposeful usage of on_mods_loaded to determine whether or not to add the recipe.

Uses a bronze ingot for crafting otherwise will override with brass if basic_materials is enabled



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Does what it promises

    It's simple mod but it does its thing well. Just rightclick with the spyglass to zoom. And the zoom is smooth and there's a simple HUD effect while you're zoomed in. So it feels like you're actually using a spyglass.

    This mod is much superior to MTG's binoculars. A fork of this mod will be included in Repixture.