Basic Materials and items

Provides a small selection of "basic" materials and items that other mods should use when possible -- things like steel bars and chains, wire, plastic strips and sheets, and more.


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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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  • The systemd of Minetest mods

    So far as I understand the history, Basic materials was thrown together by VanessaE as a library to hold intermediate crafting items for her various mods like homedecor. It's since been adopted as a de facto standard by various other mods to the point it feels like you need to try to avoid it if you don't want it, rather than wanting it and downloading it by choice. I suspect there are so few reviews for this mod precisely because so many people have it installed automatically as a dependency through ContentDB without asking specifically for it.

    Basic Materials fits in an annoying spot in all kinds of mod soups, whereas I really feel like the only game it properly belongs is Dreambuilder. The mod soup problem only gets worse with the fact that this mod is getting ported to other games now, because what's the point of playing a different game if it's all just Basic Materials?

    Things I like about Basic Materials:

    • There is only a limited number of very basic materials,

    Continues in a comment...

  • nice, but not perfect

    Edit: this mod has now been updated to be game agnostic by yours truely.

    Old Review: this mod provides some basic materials as the name states, which are useful and other mods can build upon. however the downsides are this depends on default from mtg, limiting it to that game, as well as some of the art styles clash within the items

  • Avoiding it is impossible

    Avoiding this mod has become like a challenge now. A lot of mods require this one now but i don't understand why since it's not a so great mod tho... Bad textures and some blocks/items are already in other mods

  • Nice!

    This mod is Fancy!

  • nice

    i recommend this mod it is amazing

  • Useful but anoying

    Many different items from one mod clearly help to avoid doubled crafting recepies that make items uncraftable. But this mod ads so many items and random blocks that crafting can get a complicated and multi-layered mess. You could make a lot of crafting recipes with a few less items.


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