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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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A mod that adds more various miscellaneous blocks, along with more shapes of existing blocks.



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  • Delicious node shape variants

    While I don't particularily care about the extra nodes moreblocks provides, I find the wealth of partial nodes extremely helpful, providing node variants in basically any shape you can think of. A no-brainer for builders!

  • Amazing!

    I recommend this mod for every creative server!

  • More than just stairs - makes builders happy

    Adds a lot of useful shapes (diffrent stairs, slabs, panels, ..) and some decorative blocks which carry building to a new level. Excellent and very useful mod. Allows to build thinner walls, statues etc. and can be an indigrent in quite a lot of intresting, creative structures.

  • great mod

    while many shapes are not necassary to make epic builds, having a variety of shapes does make for some interesting build possibilities. i do wish however that moreblocks supported world aligned nodes, and also that it did not depend on default so that it could be used with other games

  • Great for complex building

    The added blocks and shapes are great and really make the world look a lot better.

  • Awesome for more node shapes

    The Circular Saw is completely awesome and can be used for creating better and more realistic buildings. Other nodes such as the glass lightning are amazing as well.

  • Freedom to create

    This mod adds a multitude of blocks to use at will. congratulations for the mod.

  • I love this mod, but I do wonder why the super glow glass slabs don't shine.

    As I said, I do love this mod. I love how super glow glass can be super efficient torches, (changing 3 glass and 6 torches into 24 super glass microblocks). However, I am wondering why the super glow slabs (if you craft them from microblocks) no longer shine. Anyways, thank you for the mod.

  • Best more-shapes-mod for now

    as it not only adds shapes (there's a huge amount of them!) but some useful building blocks too. The only thing I don't like is that More Blocks can make usage of creative inventory (both sfinv and Unified Inventory) just terrible if you don't change the setting in minetest.conf

    Maybe some mod later will be called "Moreblocks Redo/Redux/NG" and fix that thing I wrote here + something else; I'll try to update this review if so


  • Good Mod

    Interesting, but the textures are very outdated, could you update that, I am not a developer but I would like some mechanics similar to the MC in the stairs, for example: 1: that when placing a ladder on the side of another automatically generates the curve and the texture adapts, and 2: that liquids cover the stairs and Slabs that occupy half a block. That would be very good for making pools and would improve the game experience. Greetings.-


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