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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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DOOMed Mobs adds many kinds of dragon, some you can tame and ride, as well as other animals and monsters into your game.

While the main mod on forums by DOOMed isn't maintained any longer, this one should remain updated and available.



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  • More Mobs!

    nice mod, adds too many animals and monsters, might want to edit it before using it in your server to make it the way you like, also if you are missing an animal in your server you might find an alternative for it in this mod :) it works with mobs redo so it can be edited easily by anyone.. i like how smooth the dragons in this mod are, yes, this mod includes dragons!

  • Simply brilliant.

    An exellent mod; 100 percent recommended! The animals are fun and good-looking, the monsters numerous and interesting, and the dragons very well designed, hard to defeat, and actually useful (I now have an army of tame dragons guarding a castle named in their honor). Keep up the good work TenPlus1!

  • Very nice

    very very cool XD

  • Lots of mobs to kill 👾️👹️👺️🔫️😈️!

    👉️ fix fox behavior, acts weirdly generally when approached
    👉️ set punches to deal damage to water snakes
    👉️ set that water snakes shots hit the character when standing still
    👉️ set that enemies knock back effect is a simple knock back, they always turn around a while once hit, it's a bit annoying to see
    👉️ set that enemies always drop objects once killed, this makes fights more enjoyable otherwise no one is encouraged to fight if there's a good chance to get nothing for the effort
    👉️ add recipes for gems, dragons eggs and wasps nests (potions, magical stuff/weapons and other)
    👉️ disallow foxes and dragons to attack other mobs
    👉️ fix stone golems that lose 1 health per second in some situations (I noticed that they have a drowning animation when happens)


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