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A few water critters ported from other mob frameworks to "Mobs-Redo".

Crocodile, Fish, Jellyfish, Sharks and Turtles.

Note: Most media licenses are CC-BY-SA 3.0 apart from Crocs mod which is GPL-V3



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  • Mod Description

    Thanks to the author of this mod TenPlus1 for the opportunity to fill your world with aquatic creatures.

    In gratitude for the help I received from TenPlus1, I will add instructions for those who for whatever reason do not know how to install this mod, as well as a description of the fauna, I hope it will be useful to you and the author pleased.

    For this mod there are two dependencies default (available only in Minetest Game), Mobs Redo API that need to be installed in order for this mod to work correctly.

    For those who want to play with this mod in Mineclonia, VoxeLibre (formerly MineClone2).

    Mod default_lite

    Passive version of the default mod to be used as a compatibility layer to be able to use mods depending on default with games that do not provide it.

    Information about the fauna of this mod

    turtles (2 kinds):

    1. Sea.
    2. common. Can be found in one of two colors: Parsley, Bronze Olive.

    crocodiles (3 kinds):

    1. Walk — largest, moves underwater, aggressive.
    2. Float — medium sized, can swim, aggressive.
    3. Swim — the smallest, can move underwater, not aggressive. All 3 crocodiles have 2 kinds of color: Fern Frond, Dark Fern.

    fish (3 kinds):

    1. Tropical fish (3 colors: Forest Geen, Lemon Ginger, Royal Purple).
    2. Clownfish (2 colors: Rust, Scarpa Flow).
    3. Shark — Size: large, medium, small; Color: Cape Cod, Shark, Mikado; Aggressive.


    Jellyfish — Color: Hippie Blue. The jellyfish is harmless on its own, but if you swim up to it, it will do damage.

  • Cute

    I like turtles.

  • Makes the oceans more alive

    Nice looking models that add life to the oceans. I love the jellyfish model in particular. The turtle is great as well! Sharks and crocodiles are often less welcome in your vicinity...


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