Not So Simple Mobs

Adds a host of creatures into your world with new weapons too.

Adventure / RPG Mobs / Animals / NPCs

Download (28.6 MB)
For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Not So Simple Mobs by NPX team

Starting from version 3.0 the mod depends on mobs_redo api:

We suggest that you play nssm with:

  • nssb (Not So Simple Buildings, our second mod that adds many blocks and Morlendor, the new dimension):
  • 3d_armors (with which you can use nssm armors):
  • unified_inventory (useful to discover all the new recipes and to use the armors):
  • a throwing mod (a mod that add bows) if compatible with the Tenplus1's damage_system

We would like to thank:

  • PilzAdam, for his wonderful simple-mobs mod;
  • Tenplus1, for his hard work in making mobs_redo;
  • Echoes91, for Spears: simple but amazing;
  • and obviously Celeron-55 and all the people who contributed to Minetest and its community (and Paramat in particular);
  • Denise and Ponzi_Duro for the revision of the guide;
  • Double_P, Ponzi_Duro, Andrey01 and Taikedz for the beta testing;
  • Taikedz for his support and for hosting a server dedicated to nssm (Not So Simple Server:;

The mod makes the game really hard.

Here are the trailers of the mod:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Minetest Lore

    In spite of it being a rather antique mod, combines very well with MTG. I tend to unconsciously add NSSM to most my playthroughs to increase the level of hardcoreness. However, I have only recently read its 'GUIDE' and realized that there is actually a goal -- to defeat the Mese Dragon. I have actually realized a lot of things lately, like that ants don't spawn in anything other than v6 mapgen for unknown reasons. Ropes, which are crafted from quite expensive cobweb strings, aren't much useful either, being equivalent to ladders.

    That's why I have been hacking on it and improving it to my liking. I fixed ants, made ropes useful (they can extend downwards now!), repaired mob difficulty and enchanced settings greatly. I want to show you my changes (I am sure you will like them), but I can't find a way: I don't have write access to your codeberg git repository. Please, answer... Or else I will die here... Help...

  • Extremly hardcore, intresting mobs

    Expect to die. These mobs are very strong and plentiful. Even when working together with other players, survival is hard to achieve.

    And when you think you're safe, the next strange (and intresting!) creature will show up and try to kill you.

    Very intresting mobs.

  • Great mod with one recommendation

    I love all of the features of this mod with one little caveat: Could it be a selective mod? The spiders make such a mess everywhere with their webs. I left my game running overnight and when I came back the next morning, I had to spend several hours cleaning up all of the webs. I'd like to turn off spiders. Thanks!

  • Makes the gameplay harder

    with nssb, they make exploring the world really awesome and hard.

    this mod is a game changer, if used with nssb it will affect the world too much that a server with them will be dedicated to them.

  • This Creatures

    definitely these creatures seem to be from nightmare /#-W1hhcFmqupQXFMTBRhyXw


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