Not So Simple Mobs

Adds a host of creatures into your world with new weapons too.

Adventure / RPG Mobs / Animals / NPCs

Download (28.6 MB)
For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Not So Simple Mobs by NPX team

Starting from version 3.0 the mod depends on mobs_redo api:

We suggest that you play nssm with:

  • nssb (Not So Simple Buildings, our second mod that adds many blocks and Morlendor, the new dimension):
  • 3d_armors (with which you can use nssm armors):
  • unified_inventory (useful to discover all the new recipes and to use the armors):
  • a throwing mod (a mod that add bows) if compatible with the Tenplus1's damage_system

We would like to thank:

  • PilzAdam, for his wonderful simple-mobs mod;
  • Tenplus1, for his hard work in making mobs_redo;
  • Echoes91, for Spears: simple but amazing;
  • and obviously Celeron-55 and all the people who contributed to Minetest and its community (and Paramat in particular);
  • Denise and Ponzi_Duro for the revision of the guide;
  • Double_P, Ponzi_Duro, Andrey01 and Taikedz for the beta testing;
  • Taikedz for his support and for hosting a server dedicated to nssm (Not So Simple Server:;

The mod makes the game really hard.

Here are the trailers of the mod:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great mod with one recommendation

    I love all of the features of this mod with one little caveat: Could it be a selective mod? The spiders make such a mess everywhere with their webs. I left my game running overnight and when I came back the next morning, I had to spend several hours cleaning up all of the webs. I'd like to turn off spiders. Thanks!

  • Makes the gameplay harder

    with nssb, they make exploring the world really awesome and hard.

    this mod is a game changer, if used with nssb it will affect the world too much that a server with them will be dedicated to them.

  • This Creatures

    definitely these creatures seem to be from nightmare /#-W1hhcFmqupQXFMTBRhyXw


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