Hunger with HUD Bar

This mod adds a simple hunger mechanic (plus HUD bar) to the game. Eat food to avoid starvation, be sated to regenerate health.

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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The mod introduces satiation and food poisoning and changes how healing and eating works.

Satiation and healing: Each player has a new attribute called “satiation”. This attribute is represented by a brown HUD bar. Quick overview:

  • Satiation is a whole number between 0 and 30
  • New players start with a satiation of 20
  • Health increases at a satiation of 16 or higher
  • Health decreases at a satiation of 1 or lower
  • Mining, building and movement will slowly decrease satiation
  • Players lose 1 satiation point every 800 seconds no matter what

Eating: Players have to eat food such as apples to restore satiation. Food will no longer directly restore one's health! In other words, the hunger mechanic works exactly like in the “Better HUD” mod from BlockMen. Note that in BlockMen's mod, satiation can go up to 30, too. But satiation levels 20-30 are always displayed as 10 bread symbols. This mod, however, always shows the actual satiation. Food poisoning: Very simple. When you eat poisoned food like a red mushroom, you lose health points for a few seconds (but your health can never go below 1 with food poisoning).

This mod is a fork of the “Better HUD” [hud] mod by BlockMen version 1.4.0, but made to work to use the HUD bars mod instead, and all features not needed for the hunger mechanic stripped off. It has been updated to support the same foods as of version 2.x.1 of said mod.



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