Simplistic sandbox survival game that plays in mostly lush biomes in a mostly peaceful world and only simple technologies.

One-of-a-kind / Original Survival

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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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Repixture is a sandbox survival game focusing on nature, survival and primitive technologies. The world is random and features mostly a temperate climate. Explore the world and gather resources to survive. Craft tools and things to build with, build shelter and later the buildings of your dreams. What you do in this world is up to you: Go mining for the mysterious lumien, forge the mightiest sword, trade with villagers, go farming, upgrade your tools with jewels, hunt for achievements, or do more.


There is an official Player Manual.

Summary: The first goal is to survive and build a shelter, later on you will explore the world and gather resources to improve your tools or craft simple building materials and decorations. The technology tree is rather low tech and as such, early progress is rather slow-paced. A few creatures will roam the world, most of them peaceful. Sometimes, you will encounter a village with traders.


  • Nice, mostly lush biomes
  • Animals and monsters
  • Villages and trading
  • Upgradable tools via jeweling
  • Hunger
  • Armor
  • Simple crafting with crafting guide
  • A variety of trees
  • Weather
  • Beds (to skip the night)
  • Boats
  • Paint brush
  • New and better player models
  • Player skins
  • Achievements
  • Multi-language support
  • Creative Mode in which you can build freely



Do you recommend this game?

  • It’s very fun

    its fun and its way easier to craft stuff. Plus its got animals and villagers to trade with.

  • Very good game!

    I love it. If you like crafting without workbenches and complex recipes, simple technologies, etc. - this game is created especially for you.

  • Peaceful game, nice ambiant sounds, smooth textures and complete features

    I played for about 4 hours. I have not encoutered any bug. This game is well designed and works. If you don't know what to do, you can follow the achievements. Be aware of finding enough food! I particularly like the menu and how the interface looks like. I enjoy this game.

  • Needs balancing

    overall its a decently good game but its not balanced and feels incomplete jewels are too rare, villager trades are too expansive, one purpose items like pearls flint shards graphite sulfur and lumien, missing fast travel options since this game is much about exploration, oysters too op, armor is a bit usless because there arent enought hostile mobs to justify upgrading it same with the spikes, non farmable items like ferns and flowers, fertilizer seems pointless because plants grow fast enough and you cannot recollect it or farm it

    there are good things too like the painting system which is lovely, and the breaking boat texture very nice, bucket system good too, and i like layer based mining for different ores, upgrading tools is excellent i wish more game would do that, placing various items on the ground like ingots and books which also make items display slightly less useful

    you can get couple dosen good hours on this game but its not gonna last long after

  • Sensible crafting with trading NPCs!

    Nice work, Wuzzy! I've played a few hours and it was fun to explore and craft. The NPC traders are a welcome touch. I'm looking forward to your mobs refractoring!

  • I love it!

    I thing this game is give a good feeling that isn't give other game. -i love this inventory system -the texture is so lovely -the vilige generation is not bugg like in mineclone you created a great minigame i hope you don't give up developing this game!!! And add sneak animation pls!!

  • Like an outdated and premodded fork of MTG with texture pack

    Anyone who knows how to install mods should install mods for MTG instead or play Mineclone2/Mineclonia. Much of the code of this game (Mineclone too btw) is just copy paste from MTG.

    The crafting system is different but doesn't justify its own game.

    Trying to make my mod compatible with it, I noticed that rp_player copy paste of player_api from MTG was even more outdated and fucked up than Mineclone's and gave up.

    Skin color selection is from yellow to brown, so I'm allowed to play any ethnicity except my own.



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