Simplistic sandbox survival game that plays in mostly lush biomes in a mostly peaceful world and only simple technologies.

One-of-a-kind / Original Survival


Gameplay is aimed to be very easy to pick up, with most things being self-explanatory.

The first goal is to survive and build a shelter, later on you will explore the world and gather resources to improve your tools or craft simple building materials and decorations. The technology tree is rather low tech and as such, early progress is rather slow-paced. A few creatures will roam the world, most of them peaceful. Sometimes, you will encounter a village with traders.


  • Nice, mostly lush biomes
  • Animals and monsters
  • Villages and trading
  • Upgradable tools via jeweling
  • Hunger
  • Armor
  • Simple crafting with crafting guide
  • A variety of trees
  • Weather
  • Beds (to skip the night)
  • New and better player models
  • 2 player skins
  • Achievements
  • Multi-language support
  • Creative Mode in which you can build freely

Technical information

Repixture is a revival of Pixture, an older game which does not function in Minetest 5.0.0. The main goal of Repixture is to make Pixture compatible with Minetest 5.0.0 while fixing a few bugs. No major additional features are planned.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Good Ideas Killed By Pacing

    Repixture tries a lot of stuff, and has a number of good/interesting ideas:

    • Replacing the crafting grid with a list of items
    • NPCs that you can trade with
    • The ability to apply 'perks' to your equipment
    • Achievements that encourage the player to try out the game's features why is this a negative review? The reason is simple: This is a game that wastes your time, constantly, for no good reason. This is visible in many of the game's features. For instance, many crafting recipes require plant fiber, which is made from grass, which you can break by punching. But due to the long 'cooldown' before the player can pick items up, you can't just mow the lawn as you travel. You have to break grass, wait a second, then pick walk over to it up...and then craft it into fiber. This also begs the question of why the player needs to manually put materials in a 'crafting inventory' if crafting is handled by a menu.

    A more serious example is the game's dig times. Breaking a block of wood with your hand, which you must do to get tools, takes 3 1/2 seconds per node. Digging your first stone with a wooden pick? Almost 4 seconds. The highest-tier pickaxe, with an upgrade to its dig speed, will still take ~1 1/4 seconds to mine a block of stone. A game that wants you not to mine might do this, but some of Repixture's metal tiers take up to 9 ores per craft. The game wants you to mine, and it expects you to spend an excruciatingly long time doing so. And just to add insult to injury, the item pickup radius sometimes prevents you from picking up items you dug out of a wall. Instead, you must also break a block above or below and manually walk in to grab what you dug. You cannot prevent this.

    It took a week to test this because the mining was causing serious wrist strain that forced me to stop repeatedly. For the sake of my health I will probably not play this game again, it's a shame to see a collection of good ideas wasted by a single very bad idea.

  • It’s very fun

    its fun and its way easier to craft stuff. Plus its got animals and villagers to trade with.

  • Very good game!

    I love it. If you like crafting without workbenches and complex recipes, simple technologies, etc. - this game is created especially for you.