A surreal dream-world where everything is possible but nothing is easy. Peaceful and Zen. Brutally obstinate. Prepare to unlearn everything you thought you knew about voxel sandbox games.


  • A complete game, deep and complex, with mods available but not required.
  • An immersive 3D world, with no pop-ups and minimal HUDs between you and the world.
  • Paragon of the "voxel" concept, with virtually every in-world thing on the voxel grid.
  • In-world crafting systems with unique recipes.
  • Rich emergent mechanics, customizable machines built of discrete and fungible parts.
  • Complex in-game technology: optical logic circuits, hinged/rotary machinery, automated crafting.
  • Subtle dynamics: material angle of repose, fuel and soil quality, conservation and decay.
  • Exercise critical thinking and logical reasoning, and learn through experimentation.
  • Built-in new player guide, hint system providing low-spoiler guidance.
  • Playable and consistent across all platforms, single or multi-player. Mobile-friendly, gamepad-friendly.
  • Eggcorns! Pumwater!


This package is the development edition of the NodeCore game. It may include cutting-edge or experimental new features. It may also be unstable or buggy.

Updates are released automatically, tracking the NodeCore Dev Branch. Note that there may be some releases that don't include any functionality changes, since the automated process may pick up changes to embedded documentation or other things that don't end up in the game.

Alternatively, check out the Official Release Edition of NodeCore.

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