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This game is playable, but doesn't have a lot of levels.

You're a pirate in the search of treasure. Find all shiny gold blocks in treasure chests to advance to the next level. To break the lock, you must first solve a laser puzzle by sending lasers to all detectors. Mirrors and other things will help you.

Originally, this game was hastily made for the Minetest Game Jam 2021 in the final day of the competition. Version 1.2 was the version that was officially rated by the jury and players. The game has seen a few improvements since then.

Note there aren't a lot of levels at the moment.


There are emitters, mirrors and detectors. The lock of the treasure chest will break when all detectors are activated. If you have a rotating hook, you can rotate blocks. You can pick up some blocks and put them elsewhere (like mirrors), while others are immobile.

Lack of levels

The game is playable, but doesn't have a lot of levels, and they aren't really that great. Remember this is game was made for a game development competition and isn't my priority.

Planned features for v2.0.0

Although the current version is better than the Game Jam version, I'm still not very happy with it. My main problem with it now is the lack levels (I don't have good ideas :-( ). I do not consider this game to be complete unless there is at least a small sensible selection of levels that isn't too boring / more than just a tutorial.

Ideally, I want:

  • At least 100 interesting levels in different "themes": pirate ship, treasure island, treasure cave, ...?
  • Maybe think of more game elements to add
  • Better level editor
  • Music!
  • Parrots! They don't affect gameplay at all, but every pirate likes to have them around



Do you recommend this game?

  • Boring, with little effort put in

    I would like to start of by mentioning that this game doesnt even have an icon. I think this is a giant demonstration of how little effort was put into this. Furthermore, there was a segfault for an unknown reason when i completed level 2, this might not be something that is the creators fault but it still influences my decision. This game, after a while, gets very repetetive and boring as basically all you do is press on your mouse to rotate the blocks with the screwdriver. Also, it would be nice if the game saved your progress....

  • Not intuitive nor rewarding

    I had to check out on CDB how to play because I was expecting to do something with the screwdriver from the very beginning instead of using my fists. If the bar would have been reduced to 2 slots, it might have resulted more intuitive. Or even better, giving the screwdriver only when needed.
    Texture pack is nice, but sounds are missing and, more importantly, there is no rewarding feeling when a level is completed, as the player gets automatically teleported into the next one. Some delay to have players look around (maybe followed with a jingle) would be nice. Also, I personally got bored after a few levels rather than feeling challenged

  • Reviews from Emojiminetest: Gameplay nice but fixes are required


    • Graphics are nice (thanks xdecor)
    • Nice idea


    • No saving functions, that's disgusting
    • A delay can be added between levels
    • Commands to skip to other levels


    This game is fully playable, but with a lot of features missing. I think this game will be perfect if those cons can be fixed.

  • Cool puzzle game!

    • Minetest's screwdriver is super unintuitive and I'm surprised you went for a game with it as one of the core mechanics.
    • Enhance the contrast between detector on and detector off. You should be able to tell the difference at a glance.
    • You shouldn't need to click the emitters to turn them on. They should always be on.
    • The level change is JARRING and leaves the player no time to understand the solution they just made. I completed a few levels without knowing how.
    • No level select
    • Level 9 has 7 emitters, 7 detectors, and 7 mirrors, but since one of the emitters isn't at a right angle to any detectors, it should require 8 mirrors (6 right-angles and 1 u-turn). Thus I got stuck on level 9.
  • Love this game!

    Very cozy atmosphere of the rooms

  • Lazarr tinkering at a placid sea

    I couldn't finish it... but what was playable was both a relaxing and easy experience. Honestly, the sound of the waves made this game more appealing while I was figuring out the solutions; I suppooose I didn't miss the lack of pirate tunes. The puzzles were mostly about learning how to use the screwdriver, so it gets educational points in this regard.

    Like I said, level 10 is inaccessible, so I eagerly await the challenge that maybe lacked a bit in the previous levels. I wasn't able to see much once night came, so that's a problem.

    Post- Jam development should focus on:

    • adding one missing mirror in level 9;

    • polishing player experience (e.g. adding a proper pirate- esque track is in order come on :) , make lasers emit light or add more lighting);

    To be shown to younger sailor- engineers.

  • painful and boring

    first things first, a common community rant that is true, the screwdriver sucks and is a pain to use. while you can sort of get used to it, it never really makes sense and better options like rhotator exist. when comparing this to alter a game that has more solid colored textures, it actually makes more sense than this games mash of textures from difference sources. additionally i get more fun and challanged by alter rather than this game

  • Puzzle Game About Mirrors and Lasers

    I finished levels 1-8, and then went to the game page to submit my review and saw that there were only 10 levels, so I went back to finish the last 2, but the game doesn’t save and I didn’t want to play through levels 1-8 again. Pirate theme seems like an odd choice for a game about lasers, but I like it.

    I would recommend this game if you like puzzle games.

  • Simple chill puzzle game

    Simple puzzle game (might have an educative purpose to teach how reflection works to kids ?)

  • Funny game

    The game lacks a way to save yor progress :/

    EDIT: fixed later

    Graphics are nice and game is pretty fun.



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