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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Rubber Addon for MineClone

by Biochemist


  • Adds a new Rubber Tree to the World, that you can find
  • This tree can be cut down, and made into Planks, Stairs and Slabs
  • some Stuff can be made from it too
  • You can craft the treetap, a block, that can be attached to rubber trees to harvest their resource: rubber resin
  • the rubber resin then can be put in the furnace, and made into different things
  • one of these things are the rubber boots: they reduce the amount of fall damage you receive by 60%
  • another use is making a rubber block out of it. This block acts like a trampoline and also negates fall damage completely


  • it is a mod designed to run with MineClone2 and MineClone5, and extends it's gameplay, it is also not really designed as a standalone mod, but an enhancement to other tech related mods.
  • if you want to make sure, that your mod is compatible with this one, you can just use group:rubber in your crafting recipes for one piece of rubber.
  • it also uses an internal library, that will be split of eventually, but for now it's part of it; One less dependency to worry about for you.

Have fun and enjoy!



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  • add rubber armor too

    rubber armor should increase knockback (when hit) , but decrease fall damage significantly , additionally damage from swords below iron should be negated


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