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How do I install this?


It's like a crafting table, but in reverse!

Make sure to input the correct number of items (e.g. putting in one fence won't do anything, you have to put in four because fences are crafted in batches of four).

The decrafting workbench only uses the last registered recipe. This means with simple items that have multiple recipes, such as planks or blocks of ores, decrafting may not have the intended result. This mod is intended for scavenging complicated items, such as technic machines or tools. Do not complain about this please, I can not fix it.

The decrafting workbench doesn't work with groups, so sticks, wood, and other grouped items will likely be lost in decrafting.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • This mods allows you to get materials you usually dont have access to

    Its a less broken (but still OP) alternative to simple recycle and gives some use to copper blocks

  • Nice idea, disappointing execution

    I really like the concept; I thought this mod could provide some kind of “undo” for when I craft more than I need.

    Then I crafted 4 tree into 16 wood, put it into the decrafting bench and got 2 wooden slabs.

    Then I put 4 sandstone blocks in the decrafting bench and got 2 sandstone slabs.

    Then 2 bronze blocks turned into 2 bronze slabs and saw the pattern.