Fallen Nodes Redo

Makes dirt, cobble, snow, straw and cactus nodes fall. Fork of Hamlet's fallen_nodes. May be destructive to existing worlds.

Environment / Weather

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How do I install this?

Adds dirt, cobble, straw and cactus nodes to the falling_node group. Papyrus will fall too.

Dirt, cobble, straw and cactus nodes nodes will no longer 'float'. Papyrus nodes will fall as well.

Forked from Hamlet's abandoned fallen_nodes and nodes_crumble.

License: MIT.

Supported: default, stairs, farming (found in Minetest Game), Landscape, Experimental Mapgen, Darkage (Addi's fork)

Advanced setting: Settings -> All Settings -> Mods -> fallen_nodes


If you want to change certain nodes to fall, either define or override their definition by setting this group:

falling_node = 1

Or depend on this mod and use this function:

fallen_nodes.TurnToFalling(node_name, def)

Set the node name in the first argument, and optionally provide the node definition in the second argument. If you don't, this mod will look it up for you.



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  • Concerns addressed.

    This used to be a negative review, because of various concerns about what and how things are done. By the looks of the changelog, those issues have been fixed. I did not try the mod, though, but I cannot delete my review, so I'll give a thumb up for at least the responsiveness of the author.