Experimental Villages Mapgen

Changes the way ores are placed, add new biomes and villages.

Custom mapgen

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A custom Lua mapgen, with biomes, caves, villages, cliffs and ore generation.


  • Ocean
  • Dry grasslands
  • Wet grasslands
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Savanna
  • Desert
  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Beach



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Gives the world a post-apocalyptic feel

    This mod adds some basic villages mostly using default blocks around the world, usually letting you spawn in one. They tend to be simple looking, with a collection of various houses and having a generic wood and stone look with some glass windows here and there, with the generic church being the most fancy setpiece. You can also find some basic crops to harvest, some treasure with good to get you started, and a few places to sleep and craft things, like the furnaces at the blacksmith.

    This mod still works out of the box on Minetest 5.0+, and if combined with mg_villages, you get much more detailed villages which have people and other things, depending on the additional mods you get to complement it.

    Stick with this if you want some basic villages to raid for resources and use as a home base without worrying about anyone else in singleplayer. Also good for those servers where you want to make it feel like an apocalyptic scenario killed everyone and all that is left is the villages they built.

  • Great potential

    I have only tried this mod for a few days but it become a must have already. It truly becames even better when combined with mg_villages, but it crashes sometimes with the latest Minetest versions. I hope mg_villages will be updated or other alternatives can be used.

    Just started testing with mob mods, but so far witches are my favourite for populating the villages.

    Warning: It's slower than other map generators.

  • rather good mapgen

    It's a good mod, villages are nice. It could use some more biomes in my opinion, but overall it's good.


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