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Land transportation for a civilized age.

Uses procedurally animated raycast legs, may be buggy.

Punch to mount, sneak to dismount. Can be spawned with a legboat egg.

Note: The boat model (boats_boat.obj) and wood texture (default_wood.png) are provided by dependencies, and are copyright of their respective authors. Dependencies may be subject to different licensing terms.



Spawning/riding legboats is now done with right click.

Footstep sounds are now produced

Selecting the legboat should now be more accurate



Do you recommend this mod?

  • l e g b o a t

    Very useful for navigating over rough terrain lol. (If anyone is having trouble getting on their legboat, make sure you are in survival. it dies if you punch it in creative)

  • upside: it legs

    downside: it doesn't boat

  • Unique, and terrifying

    Choo-choo-Charles mod/game when?

  • Bizzare and Fun!

    It's a walking boat, what more could you want! Although the leg models could do with some tweaking (along with the textures), the boat is very fun to ride on and sort of scary. The legs have a cool walking animation and I know Sam had fun!

  • Suprizingly well programed

    For being so cursed it is shockingly well made.

  • Had some fun with the legged boat.

    And hacked my way through some minor inconveniences, like having to punch in order to place the boat and board it -- I changed the code slightly to fit my needs. This is what free software is for. I will completely unexpectedly show this to my friends in order to ,

  • Great navigation aide!

    I was looking for a good boat mod, and then I saw this, and...yeah. Why not?

    I never play with auto-jump enabled, so it can get pretty tedious to continuously jump up and down hills. But with the legboat I can travel quite comfortably (and in style)!

    It can struggle while trying to go through forest. It's easier to walk on top of the canopy, but it still gets stuck frequently (not permanently - you can usually just turn a little and find a way to keep going).

    It will climb just about anything, and it has a sort of stuttering glide when plunging off a cliff. Maybe not the best option for a 'serious' survival game...but if you like to play casually, just exploring and building stuff, it's perfect!

  • Works fine in singleplayer, could use more legs though

    The leg boat can walk and it looks really nice how this is done.

    The leg boat can climb well – but looks a bit silly while doing it.

    Entirely unlike what you might expect, the leg boat does not float.

    I would like this mod even more if the boat had some more legs (six?).

    Also I have noticed a bug: Sometimes part of a leg is black while climbing.

  • Creepy yet Good

    I felt pretty creepy while using this leg boat but still I really liked the animation and it also gives the glimpse of spider or something like that.

  • Cool idea and animation.

    This mod is really peculiar and amazing! It can be certainly useful in places with rough and steep relief where it's not so easy to overcome it. And the main feature of the mod is wonderfully smooth animation and exact touching of the legs the surface. However, to mount the boat I needed to add self.object:set_armor_groups({immortal=1}) line to the on_activate callback because it just gets destroyed instead when punching. Please fix it.

  • Awesome!

    Great idea!

    And well enough executed (but sadly won't work well on laggy servers I guess).

    Mod could use some polishment though.

    I'd like to see smoother leg movement animations, i.e. don't jump to the next position, but move them along a curve.

  • Huge lag

    The legboat causes huge lag, and actions across chunks are delayed by few seconds by a single legboat.