For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

This Minetest mod adds graffiti that lets you paint whatever you want on any node you want. It requires at least Minetest 5.6.0.


Graffiti Spray Can

Press and hold the dig button (the one you normally use to remove blocks) to paint. After some time the spray can will be empty. You can smelt spray cans, empty or not, to get the two steel ingots back. Of course, you can replace the cyan dye in the recipe with any dye you like.

Red Mushroom Extract

Anti-Graffiti Spray Can

A spray can that removes graffiti. Essentially an eraser.


© 2022 Gregor Parzefall

Source code (everything except image and audio files) available under the GNU GPL v3.0 or any later version, media (image and audio files) available under the CC BY-SA 4.0.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Perfect for wayfinding/signage/navigation design!

    You take a spraycan and start painting on almost any surface. It doesn't produce anything weird or out of place, and doesn't take the space of a node.

    downsides/limitations : - 16 colors - can only erase one pixel at a time, which is very long - griefing risk? - paint stays in the air when the supporting node gets destroyed

    idea : using it for cave paintings!

  • Super but

    Working like a charm but after restart got this:

    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'ggraffiti' in callback luaentity_Activate(): .minetest/mods/ggraffiti/canvas.lua:45: attempt to index field 'bitmap_size' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
         .minetest/mods/ggraffiti/canvas.lua:45: in function 'update'
     .minetest/mods/ggraffiti/canvas.lua:27: in function </home/nataly/.minetest/mods/ggraffiti/canvas.lua:19>
  • Great mod, but no sound.

    Also the anti-graffiti does not work. I click on the node. Then sparyed.

  • It's virtual paint, within Minetest

    I can see quite a few uses for this mod, from making a black board with some educational question or equation on it, to using it to make a cool billboard for some kind of advertisement. (Ever wanted to depict some kind of pixel art from within Minetest, well with this you can)

    Though I also see it quite easily being abused as well, used as litteral graffiti.

    Some ideas for __future__ versions:

    • Option to change how big you paint by (right now it's 1 pixel in size, but 2 and 3 pixel sizes might be nicer, especially for cleaning up with the anti graffiti spray can)

    • Some kind of way to limit players so they can't paint everywhere (Right now I think the mod allows you to paint ontop of every block regardless of it being protected or not, a simple solution is to only allow painting in areas you have access too)

    • Even with the creative priviledge a player still consumes paint in spray cans (Most mods check if the player has server or creative priviledges in which case they don't reduce durability, this mod doesn't have that check it consumes durability regardless)