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Ghost Crypt

Explorers vs ghosts game. Ghosts are invisible unless you shine magic light on them. They do most damage if they get behind you.


  • Start a new game using golden trophy.

Note: This is a multiplayer game, you need at least two players to start a match. Game will automatically end if there is not enough players present on both teams. Testing server:


  • There is a group of explorers and group of ghosts.
  • Both are controlled by players.
  • When an explorer is captured by a ghost, they become a ghost
  • Ghosts are invisible to players by default, but players have flashlights that, when directed at a ghost, make the ghost lose health.
  • Explorers can collect treasures. But be careful, once you pick a treasure, it's yours to keep (until your capture).
  • Treasures come in weird shapes. Use rotate button in your inventory to rotate the shape.
  • Only explorers can collect treasures. As an explorer, your goal is to fill your inventory with treasure of maximal value while capturing or avoiding as many ghosts as you can.
  • As a ghost, your goal is to capture explorers. If you were an explorer previously, you have an incentive to first capture players who have the highest treasure count, so that they don't get more score then you when you used to be an explorer.

Game mechanics:

  • There is a large cost for activating light beam tool, and smaller cost for sustaining the light.
  • You can't destroy walls, but you can collect sand from sand piles.
  • Flowing sand can be crafted into sand source by placing 9 sands in the crafting grid.
  • Statues can be used to determine location of ghosts and explorers. There are two types of statues. One of them looks at the closest ghost, another looks at the closest explorer.
  • If you place a sand source at least two blocks above a player, the player would not be able to escape unless they have a "ghost miasma" node with them to stop the sand from flowing down.


  • If you get lost, try drawing a map on a pice of paper

Building from source


  • GNU Make >= 4.4
  • Tiled >= 1.10
  • Python >= 3.11 with Pillow >= 10.1

After installing the dependencies, run make to build all the required files.


Tiled usage:

  • On exporting, make sure that "Infinite" map property is set to false.
  • build_scripts/ uses Tiled animations to generate multi-node textures.
  • You can set min_players (int) custom map property to set a limit on the minimum number of connected players required for this map to be chosen. Same for max_players.

Converting sounds to mono:

  • ffmpeg -i stereo.flac -ac 1 mono.flac

Prepend a name to all files in current directory:

  • for f in *.png; do mv "$f" "ghost_crypt_main_$f"; done


Code: LGPLv2 or later

File: ghost_crypt_main.png


License: CC0

Files: ghost_crypt_main_step*.ogg


License: CC0

Everything else: own work, or modification of the above

License: CC0



Do you recommend this game?

  • Not great gameplay - not much incentive to play - except if I have like 10 friends...

    Nobody has 10 friends laying around ready to play a game - glad you are hosting a server, but in the meantime - you might want to put effort into creating some AI for ghosts (and explorers, if possible), so its playable and enjoyable for less than like 5 people.

    Just my two cents - otherwise I love the assets chosen and love the different theming behind the game idea.

  • Has potential to be fun, but not without players

    (Disclaimer: This review was made in the context of the game jam 2023. May contain spoilers.)

    • Note: I haven't found a player to play an actual round, I only tested with a 2nd minetest client.
    • Interesting mechanics. Has the potential to work out and be fun.
    • The mechanic where treasures take up multiple inventory spaces is interesting, but needs more work. I.e. one needs the functionality to rearrange and drop treasures. Also, the inventory should probably be made smaller.
    • A bit buggy. At my first try, the players ended up in different maps.
    • To few sounds. Textures are nice.
    • In-game explanations would also be good. The statues, for example, are very non self explanatory, imo.
  • Not very intuitive

    I just had a 3 person game and I have to say I didn't really know what to do until I did /help. The treasure thing where you have to find a way to fit it all in your inv is cool, I will say the game only works well if you have 5+ people so overall:

    gameplay: 5/10

    innovation: 8/10

    content: 5/10

    theme: 3/10

    Overall: 21/40



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