Natural slopes library

Library to simply add slopes to regular nodes and include them on map generation and when changing the landscape.

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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This mod adds some stair-like nodes from soft ground nodes (sand, dirt, gravel...) that may change shape automatically according to their surroundings.

The aim of this mod is to make a visual improvement on the world with more curves and smooth movement not to jump on every little height. The library adds an API to register all the alternative 4 shapes and the change shape behavior with one line of code, while keeping some flexibility for the new nodes.

Registering a natural slope has the following effects:

  • Four new nodes are registered based upon the original node definition: the straight slope, the inner corner, the outer corner and the "pike" (slab-like)
  • When the map is generated, the blocks are changed to slopes according to the surrounding and the material hardness (defined when registering the slope)
  • When blocks are placed around slopes, they may update their shape to match the new state
  • Nodes that are just placed may also update their shape to match the surroundings
  • If enabled, walking on edges may update the slope shape
  • If enabled, some node may update from time to time

This mod doesn't add anything by itself. Check out other mods using the library for effective changes, like naturalslopes_minetest_game.




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