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An experimental collection of extra widget APIs for flow.

Not officially associated with flow


  • Full passing code coverage at 100%, written by a professional QA Engineer for maximum quality. Test to code LoC ratio around 4:1.
  • flow_extras.List a widget that has extended functionality over flow.widgets.List
    • List tile background images for theming (plays nice with custom list spacing)
    • Remainders (ex you could have a vertical 2 x 2 with remainder of one to get exactly 5 tiles)
    • All arguments from flow.widgets.List
    • Liststring support
  • An alternate image for disabled list tiles added in 1.1
  • flow_extras.flow_container_elms set. Intended for walking over flow formspecs using formspec_ast.walk. Added in 1.3.
  • flow_extras.walk The above, done for you. Added in 1.3
  • A function for searching for nodes matching particular descriptions. Used just like walk. Supports multiple names in one iteration to allow you to make multiple changes in only one search (O(n) instead of O(n * m)). Added in 1.3
    • Throws a more readable error message if tree is not present Added 1.4
    • check_root is now a feature. Added 1.5
  • Tools to set and get context. Added 1.6
  • flow_extras.contains, a wrapper around returning a boolean if there's a match. Intended for unit testing. Added 1.7
  • More on the way!


For now, see the busted spec file



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