This minetest mod adds keyrings. Keyrings can be used to store keys. Once keys are stored in the keyring, keyrings can be used as a regular key.

Personal keyrings are a variant of keyrings allowing to set access and configuration to keys private.



empty        group:wire    empty
group:wire   group:key     group:wire
empty        group:wire    empty


group:key    group:wire   group:key
group:wire   empty        group:wire
group:key    group:wire   group:key

This gives back 4 basic_materials:empty_spool. In both crafts, keys (or group:key) items will be added to the resulting keyring.

Personal keyring (shapeless)

  • keyring:keyring
  • basic_materials:padlock

Add a key to the keyring (shapeless)

  • group:key (default:key or keyring:keyring/keyring:personal_keyring)
  • keyring:keyring/keyring:personal_keyring


  • group:virtual_key
  • keyring:keyring/keyring:personal_keyring


  • if you use a personal keyring in the craft, then it must belong to you, else the craft will be forbidden.
  • when merging two keyrings, an empty keyring will be returned back


  • playerfactions: you can share a personal keyring with factions using syntax faction:<faction_name>.


  • virtual_key: you can create virtual keys using a registerer and import them into your keyring; virtual keys is a good way to share access with friends without having to craft a lot of keys or to share a keyring.


  • Setting keyring.personal_keyring is available to disable/enable personal keyring (enabled by default).
  • Setting keyring.playerfactions is available to disable/enable the possiblity to share personal keyrings with factions (enabled by default).
  • Setting keyring.override_default_can_interact_with_node allow to automatically select key in the keyring when the interaction check is done with default.can_interact_with_node. This allow better integration with mods like technic_chests, where chests interaction is not checked on openning but when moving items.


You can grant the privilege keyring_inspect to allow a player to list keys of personal keyrings owned by other players.



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