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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Simple Woodcutter


This mod chops the whole tree if you are holding an axe.

The chopping process stops if:

  • You are too far away from the target (40 blocks by default)
  • You take the axe out of your hand
  • Your axe is destroyed
  • You are dead
  • You are out of the game
  • You are holding ctrl or shift key down (this behavior can be reversed in settings)


  • Super simple (~50 lines of code with extra features, translations and settings, but core functionality is just 10-15 lines).
  • Compatible with any game or mod
  • Works fine with huge trees
  • Recognizes trees and tools by their group, so it does not require any configuration
  • If you don't have the lumberjack permission (in multiplayer game), trees will be cut 100 times slower (you can change the default delay in settings)

Latest update notes

Since version 1.2.0, chopping trees is performed with a new, more accurate algorithm that handles trees of all sizes and shapes! 🎉

This mod was created in Minetestia Forge.

All my mods uses Minetest LSP-API annotations, StyLua and Luacheck.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Clever and KISS!

    Akin to the Treecapitator or Timber! mod in Minecraft, this greatly improves the gameplay experience when you're cutting down trees, especially large ones.

    In addition, the code for this mod is so simple and small it almost feels like magic, compared to the other Treecapitator mod for Minetest which is about 1.6 thousand lines long and requires configuration for every tree type in a game or mod you'd want it to work with. This mod is just 30 lines of cleverly written code and works on any trees, no matter if it's Minetest Game or a game that doesn't know what a default is.

  • Good!

    I sometimes wonder how developers do it? Anyway, the code is good, and the mechanics are even better! We are waiting for more useful mods from the developer!

  • Simple and great

    Out of wood chopper mods tried this one is the simplest, yet most intuitive.

    Only problem is when you want to refurbish your cabin in survival and digging one wood node takes down half the building. 

  • How about some limitation options ?

    I like the simplicity of this mod ! ... but it works a bit too well for me, in the jungle I felt more like a buldozer than a lumberjack.

    Also I use tool ranks mod and was very sad to see my level 8 axe break without warning

    So I made a fork (here) that adds 3 things :

    1. an option to only dig upward, leaving the bottom of the trunk (before | after).
    2. an option to stop before the tool breaks
    3. an option to even more restrict horizontal digging for some specific types of dense trees. This can prevents clear-cutting entire jungle portions, at the cost of maybe leaving some wood behind (before | after)

    Hopefully it keeps the simple spirit of the mod, while adding these few features. At least the code is way shorter than this comment :)

    Each change is optional and come as a new setting disabled by default, so that the default behavior stays the same
    Each is in a separate commit, and the last one adds gif screeshots

    I don't have a github account to send PR but I thought you might want to use it anyway.