Maidroid NG

Inspired by littleMaidMob from another voxel game, it provides maid robots called "maidroid".

Crafting Mobs / Animals / NPCs Machines / Electronics

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How to Use


  1. Create a maidroid egg and use it in world to spawn a maid.
  2. Tame maidroid punching it with a golden pie or one gold block when pie mod is not installed
  3. You can colorize them by punching dyes
  1. They will sit down and take a pause if you punch them with activation item
  2. To activate open their inventory with right-click and put tool and stuff inside.
BasicMaidroids follow owner or any player when wild, if this player have taming item in hand.

When they don't follow anyone they just wander
Defaut if no other core selected
Any hoe or scythe selects this core.
Maidroid will plant the seeds or make seed from plants if they can.
Maidroid harvests mature plants.
Surrounded their land with fences or xpanes, as they are not jumpable by farmers.
OCR Maidroid needs a written book written in their inventory.
If the bookname is main, program is read.
start: sleep 1
jump 0.9
jmp start
Torcher Maidroids with torches in inventory will follow a player, and put torch if it is dark.
An empty bucket or shears select this core
Stockbreeder will try to feed milkable animals, and then milk them
If they have shears they will also try to shear sheep
If they also have a sword in inventory they will try to manage poultries population
If they have shovel in inventory they can collect poops
Waffler Waffler are automatized waffle producer units, activated by putting one waffle block in maidroid inventory
They can remove waffle, put batter, and launch cook on waffle makers.
It is also planned that they can prepare batter from flour and water, prepare flour from cereal, and collect water from "sources"

New features

  • Automatic core selection
  • Paintable with dyes
  • Strong ownership for maidroids
    • You need to tame new maidroids
    • You can view any maidroid content
    • You can only take and put items in your maidroids
    • Maidroid privilege allows to
      • kill any maidroid
      • interact with any maidroids
      • set any maidroid owner with nametag
  • Farming
    • Fields separator can be xpanes or fences
      • through fences maidroid were harvesting plants from nearby fields
      • only in old maidroid version, now it seems better
    • Support for all farming redo crops and plants
      • Craft seeds for many plants: garlic, melon, pepper, pineapple, pumpkin
        • Melon and pumpkin require cutting board in inventory
      • Pepper can be harvested in three states:
      • Melons and pumpkins can now harvested
    • Support for cucina_vegana
    • Support for better_farming
    • Offline mode: droid continue to work even owner is offline
    • Scythes supported: maidroid using it will harvest up to five mature plants and replace them by crops.
  • Protected areas support
  • Internationalization
  • Health
    • Status in info
    • Egg bar in maidroid menu
    • Can be healed
      • punching with tin lump
      • punching with mese fragment
      • Or just put those items in inventory for auto-healing
      • Drops all inventory items and some base material on death
  • Older version backward compatibility
  • Nametag: give maidroid via right-click
  • Support for pipeworks teleport tubes: overflow management
  • Inventory
    • Sneak click
    • 3D model view
  • Cores are now mandatory some will not load when dependency not loaded
  • Holding taming item in inventory will allow a madroid to tame nearby untamed maidroids
  • Support for pie:
    • maidroid golden pie:
    • use it to tame maidroids
    • never eat this metallic pie
  • Robbery stick:
    • Punch maids near their owner with this stick
    • Does not work in protected areas
  • Hats: some core may wear hats

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • pdisc is required for OCR

    I like this mod and want to see it expand. It needs to be pointed out that there is an undocumented dependency on the pdisc mod which does not appear to be in the contentdb at all. WIthout pdisc, the mod works fine, but there's no OCR functionality. If you download and install pdisc, then the OCR / programmable core is functional. pdisc's documentation includes additional instructions on how to use this scripting language.

  • So cuuuuuuute

    This mod is very cute and extremely handy when it comes to crop harvesting :)

  • Funny cute little guys

    You can tame them by punching them... What else do I have to say

  • Fun when you get the hang of it

    At first i thought I did something wrong because I didn't see any cores for the maidroids, like in the other maidroid mods. Then I figured out I needed to use items. So it's a bit confusing at first, but once you reread it and figure it out, it's fun! I also love the additional cores like stockbreeding, and stuff like that. Really good mod! Keep up the good work!

  • Awww!

    These little helpers are soo handy if you need to grow crops. They are also almost unstandable cute. One problem: In Creative, punching them, even while holding things such as gold or mese, damages them. Is there a way that could be changed?

    100% recommended for quick, productive farming. It would be interesting, though, if you could give them swords or Ranged Weapons and make them little warriors to protect houses or areas and kill other players. :-)