KSurvive is a game that was designed to drastically change certain aspects of Minetest's gameplay, such as removing furnaces and replacing them with in-game smelting of nodes. This game was very much inspired by Warr1024's NodeCore.

v0.0.7 doesn't exist yet, it's still a WIP.

v0.0.6.1 fixes some minor gameplay issues, redecorated the main menu.

v0.0.6 introduces some new mechanics and tools, as well as new plants. v7 mapgen supported.

v0.0.4 is the initial release. Added metal smelting and new tools. v6 mapgen supported.



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  • NodeCore & Minetest Game

    I love the idea of this, mixing a great game (NodeCore) with a meh game (MTG) the gameplay (Like NodeCores) is very fun and discovering everything is a blast! 10/10 game but please credit NodeCore! Also can you make a server.