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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds a functional hang glider for exploring. Also works as a parachute to save yourself when falling.

Rewritten and improved fork of


To deploy the hang glider, hold the item in your hand and use it (left-click). The same action also closes the hang glider when it's deployed.

While deployed you can glide around just like walking in the air. Your decent will be slowed until you land on a safe node, which can be any solid node, or a safe liquid like water. Upon landing the hang glider will automatically close.


You can color the hang glider by crafting it with any dye. Also supports all unifieddyes colors.

Note that the color will only be visible on the item if you are using Minetest 5.8.0 or above.


The hang glider will wear out every time you use it. The hang glider can be repaired by crafting it with wool or paper, or any other method used to repair tools.

Area Flak

If the areas mod is installed, airspace restrictions can be added to areas using the /area_flak command.

When using a hang glider in an area with flak enabled, you will get shot down a few seconds after entering the area, this reduces your HP to 1 and destroys your hang glider.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Fun, but no inertia

    This adds a very fun mechanic to the game, but don't expect a detailed flight model. You fall at an approximately constant rate. If you press forward, you go forward at a constant speed. You don't pick up velocity from diving or stall by climbing.

    That being said, it adds a great treat at the end of a long trek up a tall mountain.

  • Fun and smooth flight

    had a better time traveling with it than with boats. The downside: when the server lags, rubberbands, or rolls back, it's possible to fall to your death. The corpse run can be very complicated.

  • Fun!

    Quite a fun mod

  • Absolutely a blast

    It's like a minigame in itself!

  • Good mod

    It is a cool new Item and a creativ Idea!

  • Great mod ... if there is low lag

    Gliders can do all sorts of things with even minor lags. The bonus effects you can get are quite humorous (at least for me) and add a degree of irregularity.

    • If you get it right, you can get an upwards thrust which can make you shoot into the air (sometimes over 10 nodes!), helping you to climb stuff.

    • Maybe you jump off a cliff and try deploying your glider only to fall to your death because the glider didn't open in time, or it disabled itself somehow.

    • Or you can even deploy your glider while on the ground (which normally shouldn't work) and start jumping around while experiencing the awesome physics of the glider - eventually this won't work anymore, but it has lasted quite a while sometimes (upwards of 30 seconds!), with a moderate amount of lag!

    • Or maybe you rubberband(?) - falling down from a cliff slowly and surely, only to find yourself shooting into the sky and your glider suddenly disabled!

    In general though, >80% of the time the glider works great for me, and I live in a really heavy game :-) Most users of this mod will likely never run into these issues. If you need to survive a fall down a cavern or just like gliding off of towers for the thrill, this mod is for you! Recommended.

  • Nice for getting around

    I wish it had different colors available for the hang gliders

  • Best player protection and fun method of travel

    It's a lot of fun and has made many new techniques for digging and exploring possible. Also adds some fun challenges when server get's laggy. Kinda like IRL, you never know when you glide into a windblast :)

    Combined with fly beacons you can get extra speed boost ;)

  • best parachute/glider mod

    i love the mod,its nice for parachuting and fun to glide around in valleys. the only thing i think it should be fixed is that the handles also be showed when you are in 3rd person view. but its still a nice idea and a great mod! +0% lag!

  • A must have then travelling in mtg

    Going down high mountains without taking damage was never as easy xD

    I wonder if a non entity based implementation would be possible?

  • Very fun mod

    This is a must-have for all my worlds. It's great for traversing the massive and beautiful caves that caverealms generates

    Made this a neutral review in favor of an updated version of this:

  • Good!

    Every noob needs this mod! So that he does not fall constantly. And so a wonderful mod! I really like him! I love this!

  • Simple and Good

    the only bad thing i can say is while the hangglider is equipped it blocks the hotbar

  • A just-have for adventuring, but incompatible with physics-changing armor

    This mod has saved me countless times throughout several servers, and I would recommend it to anyone. Unfortuantely, the physics stat boosts from some types of armor (like crystal from ethereal) get reset every time I use the glider. I forces me to navigate to the armor page and reequip a piece of armor to get the stats back.

    If a developer is reading this, could you add support for things that change the physcics stats? Maybe you could save the physics state before using the glider and then reapply the state after using the glider, if something like that is possible? Other than that little bug, this is absolutely perfect for exploring, mining, escaping, stunt-ing, and anything in between!

  • Nice

    The mod is nice and I liked it. Does it work for MineClone2 too?

  • Entertaining

    Thereapy mod for minetest