Network of teleporter-boxes that allows easy travelling to other boxes on the same network.


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Enhanced fork of the popular travelnet mod with additional color variants, cleanups and bugfixes

How this works

  • craft it by filling the right and left row with glass; place in the middle row (from top to bottom): steel, mese, steel
  • place the travelnet box somewhere
  • right-click on it; enter name of the station (e.g. "my house", "center of desert city") and name of the network (e.g. "interesting towns","my buildings")
  • punch it to update the list of stations on that network
  • right-click to use the travelbox

An unconfigured travelnet box can be configured by anyone. If it is misconfigured, just dig it and place it anew. All stations that have the same network name set and are owned by the same user connect to the same network.

Protected travelnet destinations

A travelnet can be protected by prefixing the station name with "(P)". The destination is only reachable then if the player accessing it can actually build there (depends on the protection mod).



The mod was written by me, Sokomine, and includes small contributions from other contributors. License: GPLv3 (see LICENSE for more information)

The models and textures as found in the textures/ and models/ folders where created by VanessaE and are provided under the CC0 license.




Do you recommend this mod?

  • Ugly and not appopriate to survival mode

    I've never liked travelnet. It's way overpowered and the recipe is way too easy for the utility it provides. Despite this, it is widely used on 'survival' servers. It really only belongs on creative mode or 'survival-lite' type servers i.e. where while resources are technically limited, they become abundant very quickly. This mod fork is associated strongly with the Pandorabox server, which falls into the survival-lite category because of the amount of public teleports and the ease of setting up a teleporting quarry ship and mining dense ore veins on the moon. If that kind of context doesn't appeal to you then I don't believe this mod falls in line with your true survival philosophy either.

    The texture is awful, even in a variety of colours. You may have nostalgia for it, but I don't. A 'fancy' option is requested against the source repository and stuck due to merge conflict. This is an admission that the texture needs work, but also a kowtow to the old textures by not replacing them.

    This fork prevents an old bug where you can fall if there's nothing below the travelnet.

    The setup of a public travelnet is easy - there's still some confusion though. The setup formspec will tell you 'don't change the network name if you don't know what it does', then never proceed to explain it to anyone. How do you set up a private one? It's done by prefixing the name of the station with a (P). This is not explained. I only know it because I asked other players. The README should have tell you. The README's incomplete and the only other doc is the API spec. Clearly the devs care more about other devs than end users.

    This mod is ancient (2013) and we deserve better. For survival I would much rather recommend teleport potion, which is somewhat more expensive and is only one-way single-destination. For running a server, I would rather recommend warps or funnily enough, another mod used on Pandorabox, telemosaic.

  • Colorful Travelnets, YES!

    I love the original travelnet mod, so having them colorful is great! I know Sokomine created them yellow to resemble the call booths in Germany, but I have never been a fan of the color: Yellow. It has nothing to do with anyone else, it's just my own preference.

    I do wish the colors worked with all 15 colors or even better, the airbrush, so we could further customize the colors, but this is a great start!


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