Occupy Moon

This game will send you to the moon!

Work in Progress Jam / Game 2022

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Occupy Moon

Build a base on the moon. You will find ores, but will you be able to produce organics?



Development is far from finished, but you should be able to have a good time for a few hours!

Updates 0.2 -> 0.3

So many small changes, thanks to the comments of the 2022 GameJam participants!

  • Auto-equip spacesuit at the start of the game
  • Spacesuit can be refilled by holding an air bottle in your hand and use it
  • This means you don´t need an inventory mod as long as your spacesuit doesn´t break.
  • Moon gravity fixed
  • Supply rocket accesible via door, contains air!
  • ChemSampler shows the items needed for the next mission
  • Cleaned up mods folders, renamed moonrealm nodes and items to omg_moonrealm. Automatically replace some items in the world and in chests. If I missed something, please let me know or have the items in the inventory when re-joining a server.
  • Spawn more ores for technic.
  • Probably more, I don´t really remember...

Updates 0.3 -> 0.4

  • Added rocket animation, rocket only 'lands' when there is space.
  • Added some ingame information for the player on how to survive on the moon. Find it in your inventory.

Plans for 0.5

  • Energy: using only lv solar arrays is hard.
  • Somehow generate sulfur, granite, marble, desert stone in worldgen or find suitable recipe replacements.

How to play

Before starting a world, enable your favorite inventory with 3d_armor support! Only then you can wear your spacesuit!

Get started

You start with a landing site marker for a supply rocket. Place it on a free spot, step back and wait for max. 30 seconds for the rocket to arrive. Apart from other things, you will find a Chemicals Sampler which you will need to unlock more supplies. Your task is to show that you can produce food and resources on the moon!

  • Build a sealed greenhouse.
  • Release the air inside.
  • Get some moon stone, turn it into gravel.
  • Get some moon dust and take some wheat from your supplies.
  • Make soil from these three ingredients! Don´t place it outside, though...
  • Find some ice as water source.
  • Plant your first crops!

Another word of warning

You better don´t extend your greenhouse from within, build a second or a third one. The vacuum mod might ruin you otherwise... Dried shrubs

Get more supplies

Those guys on earth want you to first provide 12 wheat. Stuff it into the Chemicals Sampler and expect some supplies in exchange. Next, is to show that you can expand. Insert 20 dirt and 2 white wool for the next supplies.


Existing mods used

  • 3d_armor
  • basic_materials
  • default
  • dye
  • farming
  • flowers
  • moonrealm (a modified version called omg_moonrealm)
  • pipeworks
  • player_api
  • player_monoids
  • scifi_nodes
  • screwdriver
  • spacesuit
  • stairs
  • technic
  • vacuum
  • vessels
  • wool

Mods created for this game

  • omg_missions: some basic missions and rewards
  • omg_world: moon gravity, ore generation, start inventory



Do you recommend this game?

  • Solid, spacey questathon

    I enjoyed mindlessly building and thriving with the supplies from the missions. The air supply draining was a good addition. I wasn't able to finish the game, but I quickly got the jist of it: it's fun and keeps you busy expanding your lunar outpost more and more!

    Spawning without the spacesuit outdoors on the moon surface was a bit jarring. As others have noted, you need to stay clear of the landing sites, or you'll be encased in the landing rocket. The first mission was the most boring for me, but it must have been because I never got into the technic side (time constraints) and simply grew the crops myself. The fact it didn't include lunar gravity was unfortunate, too. It warned me that the image "smartshop_animation_mask.png" can't be loaded.

    Borrowing a bit from existing content, it offers nice gameplay and simple missions for a linear progression. I recommend this.

  • I get an error and cannot play (MT 5.8.0)

    ModError: Failed to load and run script from /home/****/.minetest/games/occupymoon_game/mods/doors/init.lua: /usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:200: bad argument #5 to 'register_item_raw' (table expected, got string) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'register_item_raw' /usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:200: in function 'register_item' /usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:226: in function 'register_node' ...alex/.minetest/games/occupymoon_game/mods/doors/init.lua:796: in function 'register_fencegate' ...alex/.minetest/games/occupymoon_game/mods/doors/init.lua:808: in main chunk Check debug.txt for details.

  • Highly unfinished, no instructions whatsoever

    First of all, when you first launch the game you'll see warning messages in chat. Then, for I don't know what reason, you're on the moon, outside, but the player is not wearing any suit and you must be fast to put it on or you'll die. I think the author wanted to instantly introduce the oxygen mechanic, but the level of surrealism in this case is too much. Also, I don't know why, you've got diamond tools with you.

    After using the mark for the supply ship, a lot of items are shoved in your face without the slightest information about how to use them. Went for a stroll, nothing relevant

  • This game has no innovations

    Overall rating

    No recommendation, this game is just a prototype, the gameplay doesn't really work yet.

    Game Jam comment

    This game was created for a game jam, but it has clearly missed the point of it, because there is a HUGE number of pre-existing mods, but the goal was to create game from scratch. Using some existing code is OK, but this one apparently includes half of Minetest Game and the Technic mod and even more; that's way too much for a game jam IMHO. For that reason alone I cannot give a good rating for this game jam submission. The README lists the pre-existing mods. The only mod that is not listed is weld_all. I looked at this and apparently it is responsible for the checmicals sampler and supply rocket and missions. This is a bit too little effort IMHO. The bulk of this game is this clearly carried by the other mods.

    But I am going to pretend I'm not aware of that …


    This is very clearly an alpha stage game. Not even the moon gravity is working! And everything about this game I have to get from the README. At first, the README told me I had to install an inventory mod myself. :( Then I tried to start with farming. This part worked, but growth is slow and boring. Unfortunately, I quickly got stuck as I have been unable to produce power for the technic machines. The game doesn't even tell me how the basic Technic stuff works, but I still remembered the basics. Sadly, the solar panels don't work, and that's apparently the only way to operate a working furnace, so I can't even cook glass, apparently, so I came to a screeching halt. And then I lost interest.

    Graphics, sounds, controls, etc.

    No comment, most content is just copied from other games/mods.

  • Some polishing needed

    This appears to mostly be a game made up of existing mods, and the experience is fine, similar to other moon survival games, but it lacks a lot of documentation and polish to make things nice and unique from the other games. Not many new players are going to be able to take the oxygen tanks from the crate and put them into the air generator before they've already ran out of breath! And if you stand on top of your landing site marker - watch out, you're going to get trapped by the rocket when it shows up. A small bit of documentation would clear this up. Additionally, most of the items in the inventory are completely unobtainable the way the game is currently set up; and some things like mithril armor/mithril dust are erroneous, as they never appear in the game.

    I look forward to how this game progresses and will be happy to change my review when things are improved! :)



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