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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Blood splatter for players and all creatures using Mobs API, Creatura (Animalia), Mineclone or is_mob=true in entity definition. Automatically gets removed after 5 minutes (configurable) or when mapblocks are unloaded (including exiting the game). Thus safe to uninstall at any time without leaving objects behind. Even works with complex blocks such as stairs, corners and slabs. Based on GGraffiti by grorp

Update 2.0

No longer requires CMI and works with Creatura and Mineclone Mobs!



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  • epic!

    love it. pretty good for an fps game

  • Pretty Cool Mod

    Edit: The ghosts and skeletons no longer cause blood splatter. This mod is great!

    I tested it out awhile on my single player world. But opted not to add it to my server at this time. Some players like the gore and some don't so I would like to see an option that allows the players to toggle on or off whether they see the blood splatters. Kind of the way xp_redo has the hud off and on option. Also, ghosts spilling blood seems kind of weird so it would be good to toggle the feature off for certain mobs. Also, coming from Minecraft, I saw a lot of builds in which people used redstone to simulate blood splatters. Searching for a way to do that without having to use Mineclone2 is kind of what brought me here and allowed me to find this mod in the first place. For that reason, I wouldn't mind if there was a way to make some of the blood splatters permanent for the ambient effect in certain builds. Mesecons just don't look the same as redstone when used in that way haha. But yeah, it's a cool concept for people who like a little gore in their game. Just a few tweaks that I think might make it better. Oh, one other thing, support for petz mobs would also be a good addition if possible. They didn't do blood splatters when I was testing in my singleplayer world.