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For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

How do I install this?

This mod allows you to collect infinite wood! Steps: 1. mine 4 logs from an apple tree 2. place 2 of the logs side by side in the workbench to make a king chicken block 3. make 1 more king chicken block 4. place king chicken blocks side by side to make 2 fake diamond blocks 5. place fake diamond blocks side by side to make 8 apple tree logs 6. repeat process for infinite wood

Or you can follow this other method: 1. place aspen planks by blue wool in the workbench 2. collect blueprints 3. place blueprints by apple tree in workbench 4. get infinite wood

(It also has a secret.) Place apple in crafting table Place sus block in a 1 by 3 line



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Thank goodness, we finally have renewable wood

    I ran out of trees in my long-term survival world, and I desperately needed more wood. All I had were useless saplings, then I thought, "surely someone made wood renewable." Then I found this. You saved my world bro. 100/10 can't recommend more.

  • Pretty much useless

    The texture style doesn't fit at all with minetest, and the functionality is more-or-less useless- trees are already infinite in MTG and most games. If you need to cut wood faster in survival, choose a mod like Woodcutting.

  • Useless as a serious mod, goofy as a joke

    This mod is clearly a joke, infinite wood is already a thing. I like to see it as a social commentary, but I can't figure out what it commentates about. It´s like Rick and Morty; you need a pretty high IQ because the jokes are very subtle and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics, most of the jokes will go over a typical player's head. Aside from that, art style is stupidly bad, the among us reference nails in the idea that the mod is a joke perfectly and the crafts are just overall stupid with no actual benefit (You put in 4 logs, put in another 4 logs, get 8 logs back. The net gain is 0). I rate this mod 1 king chicken out of 10.

  • Ugh...

    I am aware that this mod (hopefully) is some kind of joke, but... It's not a particularly good joke.

  • kind of useless

    infinity wood can already be archived by farming however infinity SUS does currently not exist in minetest ;P