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Framed glass screenshot
Framed glass by RealBadAngel

Framed glass adds glass nodes with a frame that connects automatically to neighbouring nodes

Scifi Nodes screenshot
Scifi Nodes by D00Med

Adds some nodes for building futuristic/sci-fi themed constructions

Pontoons screenshot
Pontoons by FaceDeer

A "floating" block that can be placed at the surface of a body of water without needing to build pilings first.

Corroded Metal screenshot
Corroded Metal by M BLOC

Metal can rust when next to water. Restore it with acid from underground.

Claycrafter screenshot
Claycrafter by Dragonop

Introduces the Claycrafter, which converts Compressed Dirt to Clay using Glasses of Water.

Better Water Physics screenshot
Better Water Physics by ThePeasantJoe

Adds much desired water physics like splashes upon jumping in, and underwater ambience.

Item Physics screenshot
Item Physics by Sumianvoice

Makes items lay flat on the ground and not spin.