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Tools & Weapons

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Medieval Weapons screenshot
Medieval Weapons by riptiderazor

A simple mod that adds katanas, axes and sabres . Artwork by deathblade.

MTC Chisel screenshot
MTC Chisel by Can202

Add Chisel and new decorative blocks.

More Tools screenshot
More Tools by SFENCE

Add more variant of screwdriver and shears (if vines is enabled). Add garden trowel tool if composting is enabled.

Spyglass screenshot
Spyglass by StarNinjas

Adds the ability to zoom in via a Spyglass

Scythes & Sickles screenshot
Scythes & Sickles by TestificateMods

Adds scythes and sickles with unique applications for farming

Spears screenshot
Spears by Echoes91

Adds spears, versatile weapons that can be thrown.

Aurora Tech screenshot
Aurora Tech by Aurailus

Unique and powerful gadgets and utilites.

Weapons API screenshot
Weapons API by Stix

Adds an API to easily register custom weapons

Melterns screenshot
Melterns by IcyDiamond

Tinkers Construct in Minetest!

Castle Weapons screenshot
Castle Weapons by FaceDeer

Provides several medieval weapons for use around castles

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools