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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Item Information

Command: /iteminfo Description: Shows information about the item in use.


  • MIT License (MIT) for the code.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • String-Infos

    I think the mod is good, becaurse I often need the string of a Item (for my mods) and this mod shows them. For blocks I can use F5 to show the strings but this doesn't work with items. Good job!

  • Does not work with enchanted tools and no line break

    I really like the idea of giving the player more informations ingame in such a nice form - also useful to get the information about the uses for armor (remember that the durability is invers proportional to the armor_use in the 3D Armor mod ;-)).

    But it does not give the actual values for enchanted tools when using, e.g. MTG with X Enchanting or Witches. This is probably because it works with the original definition ("get_definition") and neglects overrides (in the tool capabilities).

    And the GUI does not break the lines (for long descriptions or lists) and cannot work with line breaks in the description :-/