For Minetest 5.1 and above

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Visible Wielditem

Shows wielded items in-world.


Modern alternative to wield3d:

  • Relies less on deprecated engine APIs, doesn't aim to support older MT versions
  • Supports colored items. Works well with epidermis.
  • Supports glow (for environmental lighting use a wielded light mod)
  • Indicates size of stacks
  • Provides a proper API for mods to use
  • Rotates the model instead of the texture


Code written by appgurueu and licensed under the MIT license.

The screenshot (screenshot.png) uses Hugues Ross' RPG16 texture pack, which is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0, and is therefore licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0 as well.


All within the visible_wielditem global variable.

get_attachment(modelname, itemname)

Returns a table with fields bonename, position (unit: metric/nodes), rotation (unit: degrees) and scale (number, unit: metric/nodes) based on model attachments and item tweaks.


Table. Keys are model media (file) names, values are tables with field bonename, position, rotation and scale. The special field default is used for default attachment settings based on character.b3d if no model attachments are specified for a player model or if the specified attachment settings are incomplete.


Table of tweaks applied based on the item. Subtable entries have strings as keys and tweak tables with fields position, rotation and scale as values. positions are added up, rotations are properly composed, scale is multiplied.


Applies tweaks based on item type. Possible keys are unknown, node, tool and craftitem.


Tweaks for a key are applied if the item has an item group with that name.


Tweaks for a single item, by full item name.



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