Wilhelmines People

Adds the possibility to build living Villages. Trade items for random stuff from your villagers, recruit mounts and warriors.

Gore Gambling Adventure / RPG Building Mobs / Animals / NPCs Player vs Environment (PvE)

Note: To see the models of the mobs correctly you have to activate Shaders in the Main Menu. Without Shaders they will appear not fully textured.

Based on Mobs Redo. Adds the possibility to build living Villages in your Minetest Game world. Trade items for random stuff from your villagers, recruit mounts and warriors.

Available content:

  • Spawning plunderers near cobblestone + sandstone ruins
  • Villagers spawning near beds and roaming around
  • Blacksmith spawning at anvil, trades default tools and weapons for gold ingots
  • Farmer spawning at feeder, trades dogs, goats, dogfood, and mounts for gold ingots
  • Doctor spawning at first aid node, trades bandages, hemp and golden carrots for gold lumps
  • Miner spawning at mineshaft, trades default lumps for farming dishes
  • Instructor spawning at weaponstand, trades warriors for emblems of triumph
  • Warrior defends your village with melee + range attacks

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • I just want help with the mod

    I just want to know how to trade with the villagers because as i right click them the game says __ will follow me or it stands still

  • Great mod

    Great mod that add life to my world, hope you'll like it as I do.

  • i have issues with it

    when i downloaded it some of the textures dont work they will be just plain white, and it's not just an issue with this wilhelmines mod, it's an issue with every wilhelmines mod that adds mobs, has anyone else had this issue? and if so please do fix. Also i just wanted to say this, the voice acting is hilarious.


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