Backrooms Test

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?

One-of-a-kind / Original

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Backroom Test

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?

For changelog, see bottom of this page

Known to work for 5.6.1, and 5.4 other versions unknown.

For manual install, place in your .minetest/games/ folder (inside a folder called "backroomtest" or something)

Keep in mind, this isn't a game in the usual sense, as there isn't much in the way of progression, you can't build, mine, collect items, or anything else you would normally do and this is intentional. It's meant to mimic some of the backrooms found footage videos and other stories various people have created, and so typical game features like digging and building wouldn't work at all. The player needs to be helpless and lost.

Basically, what would it be like if you no-clipped into the backrooms? What would your journey be like?

There's also a discord server here:

Mission statement

To create liminal spaces that are familiar yet disconcerting for the player to be trapped in and explore.

Although inspiration is taken from various stories others have created, it isn't based on any particular canon, and so levels and features present on whatever wiki / video / etc can be added or not freely. It is its own canon.

Planned features

  • several more levels
  • more reason to explore
  • more sounds, triggers, biomes
  • some "outdoor" levels maybe (streetscapes etc)
  • a way to track which levels you've visited and a special achievement for if you visit all of them

What it isn't

  • a horror game
  • a survival game
  • a simulation

Features it will never have

  • survival mechanics, hunger, thirst, etc (would be in a separate mod for this game)
  • entities or mobs (separate mod)
  • a way "out" obviously

Rough idea of the "canon"

  • similar to the original concept, some of Kane Pixels's work, some of various wikis but not the cringe/SCP stuff.

Cheatsheet (SPOILERS)

  • grey portal doors move you around the level randomly
  • red ones take you to a random level; could be level 0 or 99 who knows
  • purple doors take you to the sequentially next level (level 0, 1, 2 etc)
  • there are no entities or mobs of any kind
  • yes you did hear something following you :)
  • use /level to get a list of levels, and (cheats) you can also put a number /level 1 to go to that level



  • allow for damage to be turned on
  • disable falldamage through br_player_info/damage.lua
  • fix possible light issue



Do you recommend this game?

  • Brrr...

    I don't really like horror games, and haven't played many. Backrooms Test however... Is interesting. Despite there not being anything dangerous or any surprises whatsoever, it still manages to creep me out as I slowly wander and explore the backrooms, an empty car park, a hotel corridor, all empty and derelict...

    Despite me knowing there aren't actually any entities in the game, I can't help but feel unease like there's something watching me from behind. It still makes me hesitate to look down a hallway or behind me out of fear I might get eye contact with something I would rather not meet.

    The other levels are intriguing, they are procedually generated but don't feel cookie-cutter. There is enough variation in the generation for the levels to make me want to wander around for a while. It also makes good use of global textures to give walls and other nodes a little more... texture to them, I really like it.

  • Kept me busy for a few hours

    The Backrooms are an Internet meme at this point, it's a classic, and I love that has arrived to Minetest. As soon as I saw this entry, I instantly downloaded it.

    It does not disappoint:

    The "classic" backrooms level captures the spirit of the Internet meme well. It's how I would have expected it: A yellow infinite chaotic mess of walls. The ceiling lamps hum terrifyingly. The game does not seem to care too much about "conforming" to SCP lore.

    It is not just the backrooms, but there are several levels that look very different, some with some really complex design like the infinte bath (?) and overall it's just fun exploring. There is not really much else you can do nor is there a challenge but that's the point. It's also good if you're listening to a podcast.

    Exploring the levels for the first time is fun. For the future, I would suggest to add more variety to each level so that you don't figure out the level's pattern completely after a few minutes.

    Graphically, it is also well done. The low-res textures look nice and I like this game actually makes use or scaled textures that span over multiple nodes (a feature which many games do not use yet). This is great to make the tiles not look too repetitive. There are still a few graphical bugs (see issue tracker on Codeberg), but it's OK. The teleport effect is a bit too instant for my taste.

    The sound ambience is pretty good but could be improved, especially the footstep. Some areas have no ambience which is a little disappointing, but I hope future versions will improve.

  • Wonderful aesthetic with updates to come

    I would say this is a very impressive game for its current state of development. The aesthetic is dead on, it feels like a walking simulator, and it's interesting to simply explore the environment to find new levels. I would say the most important things to add to make it an actual game are definitely more sound cues/ambiance and some sort of threat to keep players on their toes (and thank you for no cringe).

    Probably an issue with having to write to the map file and bogging down the frame rate but expect using the flashlight to be a minor performance impact. I'll be excited to update this review as more comes out!

  • wonderful liminal experience

    the spaces remind you of dreams you had as a kid of endless hallways and locker rooms that went on and on. there is already enough variety to keep you entertained for a while.

  • Sucked me in for 4 hours straight.

    Gave me a lot of goosebumps. Played alone first, then entered the last level with reflective sky blue ground. I found "Riders on the storm" a rather fitting theme for this very level. Then I played with my two friends. This was something extraordinary. Especially the pool level - I oddly loved it... It was so beautiful. I want to come back and remain. My childhood dream of being small and hiding in tiny holes and passages came true. We found finding new paths together very fascinating.

  • Great Game

    This game is good at ambience. You wonder around aimlessly, desperately looking for that purple door to maybe let you escape. You go everywhere. You panic but at the last moment you spot it in the corner of your eye.

    But, deception! You shall never leave! You are only taken in an endless loop of discovery and fruitless searching for an escape.

    And without any form of navigational abilities, no way to leave your mark and say "i was here", no way to find your way out, you are sure to lose your place now and forever in the future. Maybe you could make a server and find other people, but given the size, it is impossible to find others without nametags.

    You eventually realise the game repeats itself and quotes itself in multiple places. The wall shape looks the same. Are we going in a big circle? Maybe not? Wait where are we? Who are we? Do we matter? The game begins drawing out a patterned thread of existensal dread as you realise your insignificance to the game and the world as a whole; you are just a visitor and you will never leave, and you will never continue to exist afterwards.

    This game does an exceptional telling of the tradegy of the backrooms and maybe even the state of dementia (so i put in copyrighted music by Leyland Kirby to show this).

    The game, given its tame and timid nature, allows one to explore mindlessly without worrying much about death.

  • Interesting Game❓

    Interesting and FUN game👍

    I feel like this game doesn't have a specific goal other than going to the next backroom level. But what makes this game interesting to know is that this game really depicts a little impression of a real backroom. Infinite endless corridors without end✖️, There is no living entity or maybe there is❓, Search every hallway to find the exit🚪. Every time you successfully find the exit you will enter the next level➡️. I can say that this game could have many opportunities to change or add something to it so that it looks more like a real backroom🚪👍.

  • Seemingly endless

    Have been playing for a few hours, and still keep finding new levels and stuff...

  • Atmospheric and Fun!

    This has to be the most atmospheric creation in Minetest ever!    Little spooky but also very fun.   Just the right level of challenging.  If you don't get it, stick with it for a while until you understand how to navigate through the levels. The levels are so iconic, I could see this game also used as a platform to create a FPS.
  • Still and neverending

    A lot of the architecture put into the levels is nicely detailed, and each level felt like a replica of what they're supposed to recreate. The level generation in this game is astounding, with every corner turned bringing into view a new layout that you could easily get lost in. Even without survival mechanics or monsters, I still felt a bit uneasy when faced with dark corridors and steep drops. I can't wait to see what else may be in store down the line.

  • Very Nice Ambiance

    The ambiance of the game is fucking terryifing. The sound of the footsteps to the hum of the lights in level 0 is amazing. Its nice how it looks but you can bretty easily see that the world is predetermined it would be really cool if this was proceduly generated but I figure that would be very difficult. Also you say this isn't a horror game when it 100% is!

  • Simple but effective

    The backrooms is an large area where things that clip out of reality end up. It is so vast that is mostly empty, so far the game have deliver on that premise and I don't mean it in a cynical way. The levels feels disorienting and that coupled with the procedural feeling of the rooms give a strange sense of uncanny, uneasy familiarity which I believe was the original goal from the backrooms.

    Now the bad, I see two problems so far. One is the lack of sound, ambience and noise are paramount in horror games to create the atmosphere, so far we get none from the backrooms game which I feel diminush the effect. The other problem is the scale, the room is too big which give the impression the player is a hobbit, I wrote a quick mod to change the player eye_height to '2.6' and the visual_size to '1.5' and I believe that gave a much more proper sense of scale. I would advise the developers to play around with that properties as I feel like the original Minetest values don't quite fit with this game.

    Personaly I don't like the idea of taking pictures from the diferent places and would love if the devs expand on that idea some. Overall the experience matched my expectations for the backrooms.

    Edit: Indeed there is sound, it was the humming of the fluorescent lights but it is a lot fainter than the player steps so it can be hard to notice without headphones.

  • fun liminal spaces walking simulator

    The game has different 'levels' with different types of liminal spaces that you walk around in and explore, with a few nice touches. You also have a flashlight for dark areas. Many of the levels are extremely interesting to explore and have different types of areas within them. Interested to see where this project will go

  • English

    Very interesting take on the liminal theme

    This game is very enjoyable to me. You can stroll through various different iterations of the "backrooms"-theme (like the pool-rooms etc) and each area comes with some unique things. You go through special doors to reach other areas and try to find them all and put them in your "album". The environments are very well made, and I really enjoyed the little details like dust blowing in the wind in one area for example. You have a flashlight that can be used to illuminate dark areas as well. There are no mobs, and you are utterly alone. You can sometimes hear footsteps in the distance, but that is about as scary as this gets.

    All in all, this is a game I sometimes come back to just to stroll through the different environments and fanazise about what kind of world they are a part of. A very good take on the liminal theme indeed.

  • English

    Cool game

    I like it. Suggestion: make the maploaders invisible and unselectable (like air) Also, make the blocks have a level of 1 or higher so we cant break them Furthermore, I think a sprint mod/mechanic would be nice

  • made me fear sometimes, but can be more immersive if add sounds

    this game is such a cool experience, but you will not found a objective on it. i recommend to play a sound background to giv you more cagaço.

  • Eerily quiet, empty and unnerving but somehow familiar

    In Backrooms Test you will be navigating your way through eerily familiar but ultimately senseless and meaningless areas. I would say less "landscape" and more "corridorscape". You find your way from one to another, usually in order but sometimes to one that is not listed.

    Everything is made of repeated structures that are familiar in shape but ultimately their arrangement and they way they form into totality makes no sense. It is made of parts of the built human environment, but never arranged in any logical way. There are doors, but only a few actually operate. Some of them could only possibly lead to a cupboard, but then, it would be a cupboard with doors on both sides. There are deceptive corridors and walkways that lead to dead ends. The place is not the product of design; it frustrates attempts to understand it as a useful design.

    As you wander the corridors the first time, you discover a natural progression of levels. You complete a cycle. It begins again. But sometimes, the cycle is a bit different, and you end up in a different level you haven't seen before. You have no true idea of how many levels there are. They are numbered, but are there gaps? Could there really be that many levels? There is only one way to be sure: to look at the source code, but there is no going back from shattering the illusion. Perhaps though, adding your own level is part of adding your own part to the collective human dreamscape?

    Sometimes, you see the sky. Sometimes it is lit, sometimes it is dark. But there is never any sun or moon. There is a morning and an evening of a sort, but no sunrise and no sunset. The idea of day and night, is just another broken, distorted reflection instead of the familiar reality.

    The experience is like a dream, and ultimately you are permanently lost in a place that should not exist, cannot exist, but through a video game is imagined to exist anyway. It would be maddening to stay and "play" forever, but it's worth a visit to ponder.

  • It's an experience

    This is one of the most interesting concepts. On par with Stanley Parable, but on a budget. Still worthwile your time. Look at it as an art experience. Author should consider submitting this to some modern art museum as art installation.

  • Art

    Needs just a tiny bit of more polish to be a masterpiece of atmospheric experience

  • бекрумы

    Ну бекрумы, много комнат для теста. Хочу чтобы больше развивали этот мод.

  • scary

    Sary game and gameplay.

  • i love how you managed to add backroom to this game!

    but will you also add that monster from kane pixel too?

  • a good looking maze

    This game is pretty much about walking and going from one level to another. What makes it unique is that the author changed the default scale of the player model so the eye level is about 2.5 nodes high instead of the usual Minecraftish 2 nodes. This makes everything look more realistic, for example doors are 3 nodes high and 2 nodes wide. Another cool aspect of the game are the textures that are less repetitive that usual Minetest/Minecraft textures. Node design is simple and consistent - things like lamps, pipes, fences. Levels are not boring because each represents another liminal space, for example theres a basement, a parking, a tunnel, a hotel and there are other more surrealistic spaces like for example the infinite swimming pool or the level with water and houses. Exploring the spaces is driven mostly entirely by curiosity and a desire to find the way "out" - doors to another level. Each level gives a strange discomfort that is the core of liminal space aesthetic.

    Fun to "play" even though there's nothing "to do" other than exploring.

  • good

    Even though the game has no entity, I still feel scared

    Ehe Backroom is a good game

  • Good world generation and gameplay

    the different world generation and levels are very good.

  • Actually really good

    not much else to say, sorry

  • A Fantastic Game

    My son and I really enjoy playing Backrooms Test. It's a game with a really good environment that is quite engaging.

  • Screens

    looks magnificent and facinated. Reminds scp or ikea game line, judge Dredd, cyberpunk ...

  • Seems pretty good, very empty

    That's basically it. It is a good game if you like liminal spaces like empty schools or warehouses.

  • misterioso y prometedor

    Crea un ambiente intrigante y misterioso que seguro acabara siendo genial y podrá inspirar a otros juegos

  • issuse

    there shoud be buzzing from the lights in level 0.



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