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Solve spatial logic puzzles in outer space.

Playing the Game

Singleplayer or cooperative team play over LAN (or very low-latency internet) is recommended. Running a general public multiplayer server is not currently recommended.

Gameplay instructions should not be necessary. The game has very simple controls. Explore and learn the mechanics as you go.


  • You can turn off music with /set -n klots_music_volume 0 (or set it to any other ratio, default 1.0)
  • If you believe you are softlocked and cannot reach a reset button, use the emergency /kill command. This is considered a bug, so please report it!
  • If you think you're an expert, try the /speedrun command and shoot for the best time.

Engine Bug Warning

If you try this using Minetest engine versions from 5.6 to 5.7-dev before #12906 was merged, make sure you have shaders enabled. There is an engine bug in this version range (either #12853 or #12944) that causes key components to be invisible in some levels. This will be fixed in 5.7.

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Do you recommend this game?

  • Very fun and engaging puzzle game with a lot of potential

    I had a lot of fun traversing the various levels this game had to offer. I found some of the puzzles to be difficult, but none seemed completely impossible or ridiculous. The levels never felt repetitive or lazily put together, and the puzzles kept me thinking of different approaches to escape each room.

    I think the groggy reduced gravity and pitch movement were clever features that added a much needed layer of depth to the gameplay (that also helped to sustain the feeling of the “space” theme).

    The music felt like it could have been more well-suited to the environments, but was calm and relaxing (probably better for puzzle solving).

    I like the simplicity of the main game mechanics. It is refreshing to see a game like this build an engaging and atmospheric experience around a simple concept like pushing and pulling blocks around.

    Criticism: I would have liked to have seen more unique, game-specific textures. Hidden portions of puzzles were a little confusing for me at first. I wanted more levels :)

    Gameplay: 7/10 Innovation: 9/10 Content: 8/10 Theme: 6/10

  • Satsifying, short spacey puzzler with a meditative feel

    Rating Scale:

    1-10 for each of the 6 categories, 1 being a thumbs down, 10 being a thumbs up. Max total being 60.

    Gameplay: 8 | Innovation: 8 | Graphics (Content): 7 | Music & Sound (Content): 10 | Theme: 9 | Stability: 10 |

    Total: 52

    This is the first Game Jam game I played this year, and I have to say, as 'simple' as the concept is, it was a very enjoyable experience. There was no need for lots of introductory text or explanations - the gameplay was very intuitive and the pacing was great. There was parts where I thought I was stuck but then kind of naturally figured it out. I especially found the hand prints that display on the blocks a nice touch. The atmosphere was very chill and spacey thanks to the music and sparce use of sound effects (only from moving blocks or teleporting). The textures were nice, as was the use of image backgrounds. While the gameplay was a lot simpler than Glitch, I actually didn't lose my patience with this and managed to clear the whole thing.

    There wasn't much content to the game, but in its defence, everything that was there was very nicely polished. The rooms were interestingly arranged and the atmosphere really worked with the theme. Some of the textures could use a tiny bit of fine tuning perhaps (I found the textures at the crash site/opening kind of jarring and unharmonious, maybe they clash with each other or the background), but the space station areas looked great.

    I'd like to see more of Klots and would definitely hop back in to play more levels.

  • Tetris-like puzzle game with great scenery

    A fantastic puzzle game, just wish there were more levels!

    The work that Warr has put into the scenery and textures is beautiful, making the game enjoyable and solving the puzzles more than worth it. The gravity and 'bouncing' off walls is also a lot of fun.

    The curve from easy puzzles to difficult puzzles was too fast though, in my opinion. If more levels were more gradually added working up to an ending, I believe it might be a little easier for a new player to learn the logic. However, this game is definitely completely playable and proved a somewhat short, but very fulfilling experience.

  • Interesting and innovative

    I like the sliding mechanic and visual feedback with the hand icon

    Gamplay: 7/10
    Innovation: 8/10
    Audiovisuals: 8/10
    Content: 9/10
    Theme: 7/10

  • fun game

    fair disclosure, the first time i played this it gave me a headache.

    I think this game is pretty fun, because while at its core, its a simple puzzle game, the multiple different pieces you have to move to reach the next level in some cases is pretty thought provoking. additionally, for a jam game, there is a pretty good level of immersion/focus on detail, with things like the fade in that you almost would miss if your not paying attention

  • I had a great time

    Overall rating

    A BIG recommendation from me, EXCEPT when you're colorblind, then not (hopefully this gets fixed). Overall, I was pretty impressed by that one, but please figure out the accessiblity thing. Apart from that, the game still can use a bit of polishing and especially content, but hey, it's a game jam! :D


    This is where the game shines. You have to figure out everything on your own, but the game is never unfair to you. Every concept is introduced one after another. It seems a lot of time was put into level design, even with a lot of attention for detail, which I appreciate a lot. The core feature of the game, the pushing and pulling of klots, works perfectly. The movement of the klots is completely smooth, both visually and physically; even a player collision was considered to prevent awkward overlaps. That alone is quite an achievement, WOW! There aren't a lot of levels, and the game sadly ended before it really began, but this is a fake complaint, as it is WAY outweighed by quality. Thinking of good levels for such a game isn't easy, I guess.

    (text will continue in the comments)

  • Great level design

    Finally played it.

    The level design is great! The mechanics were introduced properly. And the harder levels are hard enough that you have to think and not just fiddle around. Solving the levels felt very awarding.

    Other notes:

    • It would be nice if pitch move worked in space.
    • Sometimes I felt like I was teleported around a few nodes. Haven't found out if this a subgame or engine bug, and that's feaking me out.
    • Some of the effects, like the fire pushing you away, the feedback you get when you're in the way of a klotz, the bouncy walls, or the portal are very satisfying!
    • (If low latency is important for a better experience, you could also recommend decreasing dedicated_server_step to something like 0.016. This influences how frequent the server sends packets (also in singleplayer).)
    • I want more levels. :D
  • Amazing, refreshing puzzle

    Again the edge of innovation on Minetest is pushed one step forwads. The game slowly introduces itself to you; you have to figure out what everything does by yourself. But the game is designed with such an expert hand you don't need any text whatsoever. You are truly in an alien enviornment, pushing the alien bodies around an abandoned human space station.

    The game gives its levels diversity in each step, almost like biting into a bag of hard sweets; you'll always find a new flavour all bonded under the same harsh bite of packaging and your situation in which you are forced to bite into a bag of hard sweets instead of eating them individually like any other human.

    The game mixes existing Minetest functionality with new functionality in an expert way, leading to a truly unique game.

  • Poetic brainteaser

    I enjoyed poking at the klots to understand their otherworldy secrets, and succeded! The game features a soothing tune that will accompany your puzzle solving, enough levels to understand all its mechanics and neat looking nodes across all its levels; oh and the cool background!

    I experienced some rubberbanding with movements, but it wasn't too distracting. Of course, more levels are going to be a nice addition.

    I recommend this to anyone who likes mini-games that make you chill and ponder solutions.

  • Very fun and smooth game!

    OVERVIEW - Klots This game was tons of fun to play! Very comparable to how I enjoyed slide space! Some of the mechanics in this game amaze me that they're even possible in Minetest! Great job Warr!


    1 - Not a fan 2 - Meh 3 - Okay 4 - Good 5 - Love it!

    GAMEPLAY - 5

    GRAPHICS - 4



    SOUNDS & MUSIC - 5

    THEME - 3

    TOTAL - 25/30 (Love it!)

  • High quality game but the movement is janky

    I think this is one of the better games submitted to this year's jam. The idea is very original and the mechanics are pretty interesting, too, but the movement is somewhat annoying and "clippy"

    XRS Rating:
    Visuals: 8/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Originality: 10/10
    Adherence to theme: 7/10
    Total: 9/10

  • My Review [JAM VERSION]

    I played this for the first time with 3 other players. It was a little glitchy but it worked.

    Very well rounded and simple game. I can't think of anything to suggest/bring up


    Overall: 9/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Innovation: 8/10
    Content: 9/10
    Theme: 3/10
  • Highly curated, yet heavy gameplay

    If I could give something between "Yes" and "No", that's what I'd give. "Yes" because I can't say the author hasn't put all themselves to realise this puzzle game in so little time: very curated graphics, nice effects, silent narration, and a peculiar mechanic that surely makes it intriguing.

    "No" because the puzzle solving itself felt somehow heavy, I wasn't motivated to go on (I've quit at the vertical room where you have to use 3 different blocks to attach the green one onto the ceiling). For instance, last year jam winner "Alter" was a puzzle game where I kind of wanted to know what the AI would have told me next. On this year's entry "Slidespace", I've got the sensation of getting closer to the end because I could literally see it. The story was quite simple (and still silent) but it was there. Here, it looks more like that the author wanted to showcase all the different ideas they had came about (new blocks popping up stage after stage), rather than creating some sort of flow for the player, or some sort of narration. It looks like one of those AAA games with a lot of budget and fancy graphics, but with a low-average quality gameplay-wise.

    Voting "No" as I think gameplay should come before graphics

    EDIT: Now I can vote "Neutral" :P



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