For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Pride Flags adds a variety of animated flags to celebrate Pride in Minetest. The flags will wave faster or slower over time based on a random wind speed.

This mod adds two craftable blocks:

  • Flag Pole: For the lower section
  • Flag Pole with Flag: For the top of the flag pole with a flag attached. Note: It occupies 3 blocks vertically.

Initially, the rainbow pride flag will appear when the Flag Pole with Flag is placed. Use the “place” or “punch” key while pointing to the flag pole to select a different flag.

There are functions for programmers to add custom flags as well, and do more.

List of flags

These flags are available:

  • Community flags
    • Gay/LGBTQ+ (rainbow flag)
    • Progress Pride
  • Orientations (sexual, romantic or other)
    • Lesbian
    • Vincian
  • Sexual orientations
    • Bisexual
    • Pansexual
    • Polysexual
    • Omnisexual
    • Asexual
    • Graysexual
    • Demisexual
  • Romantic orientations
    • Homoromantic
    • Biromantic
    • Polyromantic
    • Panromantic
    • Omniromantic
    • Aromantic
    • Grayromantic
    • Demiromantic
  • Gender-related
    • Genderqueer
    • Transgender
    • Androgyne
    • Demigender
    • Maverique
    • Neutrois
    • Multigender
    • Polygender
    • Pangender
    • Agender
    • Genderfluid
  • Intersex
    • Intersex
  • Relationships
    • Polyamorous
  • Queer
    • Queer



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Nice animation

    The flags are animated and wave in the wind. The wind varies depending on where the flag is placed, using a perlin noise


  • Pride ^.^

    A wonderfully beautiful mod. I personally identify the most with the classic rainbow flag but I appreciate the sheer amount of different pride flags that are available for those who feel like they identify closer with another one. The flag itself is also nice and even flutters in the wind! :D

    Switching the flags by repeatedly right clicking is a bit cumbersome though (gives the same frustration as trying to get the right painting in Minecraft... oh I just clicked past the one I wanted, oops), some kind of GUI to select them and also see the name of each flag would be nice.

  • Pretty cool

    this is pretty cool!! good selection of flags that actually wave in the wind, they look super cool

  • Interesting mod

    It have nice animation and sound! And using with climate API the wind sound effect make it immersive.


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