Library working as a core for any mini-game you have in mind

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Arena_lib is a library for Minetest working as a core for any arena mini-game you have in mind. It comes with an arena manager and a signs system. The latter creates a bridge inside your own server between the hub and your actual mod (deathmatch, capture the flag, assault, you name it). In other words, you don't have to do the boring job and you can focus exclusively on your minigame(s) :*

What's new: 4.3.0

Older changelogs


1) Install it as any other mod

2) Be sure you have LuaJIT installed on your machine

3) For an in-depth understanding of what you can do with the library, have a look at the full documentation.

Known conflicts

Beds or any other mod overriding the default respawn system

Coming next

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Block League

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