****This game does not have any theme or goals, just for fun with diversity of minetest mods. Whynot can be played in survival (most items crafteable) and of course in creative. The crafting guide and in-game documentation are progressive. You see only known items and recipes crafteable by known items. The Awards mod give you additional goals to reach. The monster are not really danger but animate the game experience too.

Background for the game:

The Game is based on my private mods collection. I tried a lot of mods in the past, most of them I uninstalled again after some time. Based on this experience I defined the rules why a mod cannot be used for long time, called them "Why-not Rules" (Look to github readme for details).

The most important of them is: the mods should not take over the gameplay. The second one is of course the code quality.

Following the rules the game looks like the "vanilla" Minetest Game but in gameplay the player have much more to discover. See the provided mods list. If you do not like anything, just do not craft or use it!

If you know further must-have mods that follow the Whynot rules, please let me know ;-)

Note: Each mod does have own license. If nothing specified, the GPLv3 is used.



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