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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Are you ready for an adventure? Zoonami adds over 50 monsters to your Minetest world that you can collect, train, and battle. Explore the world to find new monsters, villages, and resources. Battle against wild monsters, NPCs, or even your friends using an interface that looks like a real 2D RPG.

To get started, every player is given a Zoonami Guide Book. The guide book contains all the information you'll need to succeed. Players who are unfamiliar with Zoonami should start by reading the "Introduction" section. This will teach you how to choose a starter monster, heal monsters, and battle wild monsters.

Disclaimer: Some of the screenshots depict the Zoonami 3D Mobs mod. More info about that mod is listed below in the optional mods section. Additionally, ContentDB requires listing a license for code and media. If multiple licenses are used, the strictest license is listed. Please refer to the licensing section below for details on exact licenses used.

Main Features

  • Exploration - Incentivizes players to explore the world. Monsters can be found in different places depending on the time of day, light level, and surrounding environment. Villages can help players resupply when out adventuring. Berry bushes, excavation sites, and other resources can be found throughout the world.
  • Building - Players can build their own villages to attract NPCs.
  • Multiplayer - Makes playing with friends even more fun. Players can battle other players, trade monsters, and create shops for other players to purchase items.
  • Documentation - Everything players need to know is accessible in the game via the guide book, monster journal, and move journal.
  • Gameplay - Similar to other monster catching games, but not an exact clone. Players already familiar with the genre should find new game mechanics to learn and discover.
  • Efficiency - Mob AI is kept simple to fulfill the need for many mobs to be around players while keeping the CPU usage low.
  • Customization - Offers many settings to tweak the gameplay experience.


Even though Zoonami has reached an official stable release, there is a chance that future updates might not be compatible with existing worlds. It's highly recommended to read the file to verify that it is ok to update the mod. It's also recommended to make a backup of the world before updating. The version numbers, such as 1.0.0, represent major, minor, and revision updates. Major updates include one or more changes that significantly alter the gameplay experience. Minor updates include smaller content updates. Revision updates include bug fixes.


Zoonami is compatible with most games, mods, and mapgen. However, some of these might make progression in Zoonami difficult or impossible. Minetest the Game, MineClone 2, and other games based on these two games are the "safest" options when it comes to a balanced gameplay experience. A more detailed explanation is provided in the file.


Optional Mods

  • The Zoonami 3D Mobs mod changes the 2D monster mobs roaming the world into 3D when installed.
  • The optional default and mcl_sounds mods are only to use sounds from those mods if they are installed; they provide no new content in Zoonami.


Licensing can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • tuxemon but minetest

    , have you ever wanted to combine the monster collection of tuxemon with the building capabilities in minetest ? , then this mod is for you

  • i been searching for something like this since i learnt minetest was a thing

    this is very fun even if its basic right now the features right now are enough to want to open a dedicated server about it i hope the comunity gets intersted enough into making new monsters and even alter other aspects like maybe putting custom music and whatnot really ecxited to see how this develops in time.

  • A free minigame with Pokémon style

    I have always liked RPG and Pokémon style video games, but this mod has entertained me while I do my constructions in Minetest Game, or even while exploring different places.

    The mod is very fun and is similar to Tuxemon, a free video game based on Pokémon.

  • Fun Addition to Game Play

    I am so glad this mod exists. I love collecting things in game so this suits me well. I love finding at least one of each item (ie: crops, animals, fish, stones, ores, etc). I'm also a horder, so I'm glad to see I can capture and keep "just a few" of these mobs.

    The only thing I would love to see added would be a way to color/rename folders and boxes.

    Server I found to play with this mod: Crystal Land