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For Minetest 5.8 and above

How do I install this?


An operating system for Minetest.

Join my discord to watch me ramble like a maniac:

A ramble about this "game"

  • Singleplayer only. If you run this on a server you should probably be using linux.

  • Don't bother running make because I already did that for you. see below if you want to mess with it.

  • You can move around the desktop like a normal, hastily made, slapped together standard win-like DE.

  • Moving around the desktop icons does literally nothing but it's cool.

  • It tells you your local system time.

  • You can move windows around, and close them. This is an actual multitasking OS.

  • The audio controller is horrifically slapped together and you'll see why if you try to run two games at once that play songs.

  • The Core of the operating system is System. This is the controller for everything. The computer basically.

  • The Desktop is a Program that runs on the System. Yes this literally is a Progam that the System is running.

  • The Desktop can run multiple Programs. These are WindowPrograms. They literally inherit from Program. So this means that this is basically a miniature tree-like hierarchy.

  • A WindowProgram generally has a garbage collected nature. But like OpenGL in GC langs, you need to manually clean up the Renderer's memory. This is where the destructor comes in.

  • I could have simplified the underlying infrastructure when working with the Renderer, but this is a gamejam game and I don't have much time.

Please see the source code for more information. I would start in programs/program.ts to see the underlying framework of a Program.

Yes this does have System.out.println("hi") I don't recommend you use it. But you can if you want. This was added as a joke.

Game controls


warning: Due to a memory leak in MT, it will run your PC out of memory eventually.

wasd - move

mouse - look

aux1 - release mouse

shift - toggle texture performance mode

zoom - toggle framebuffer performance mode

Bit's Battle

wasd - move


ws - move

Messing with this contraption.

I have set it up to specifically

I wouldn't mess with the Lua code, it's auto generated. Only mess with the TS code and run make. There is make make linux and make windows. The last two will attempt to auto start the game.

If you want to mess with this or maybe you would want to use TS for your minetest things.

First you need node, if you're on ubuntu it's super outdated so get it here

Next you need TypeScriptToLua

sudo npm install --save-dev typescript-to-lua typescript

Next you need Lua types for TS or else the compiler doesn't know what's going on.

sudo npm install --save-dev lua-types

A small note

You could technically make this run in multiplayer. You could even have it so there's a REAL email/IRC clients running on everyone's desktop then have multiplayer games on the server. This is way out of the scope of a gamejam game but I laid out the framework for you to build upon. I'm sure you can do it! I believe in you.



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  • Author is insane, and I love it

    The author was able to pull off an entire barebone OS, with not one, not two, but three games in 21 days. And one of those is in 3D (!) allowing multiple instances to run together (!!!). The vibe of this "OS" is definitely nostalgic, helped by the old machinery sound effect and the launching sequence.

    You probably won't believe it until you try it, so make yourself a favour: download it and be ready to be mindblown (beware: if you're a modder, the mindblown effect is doubled, as you want to know how in the world the author was able to do what they did)

    P.S.: I'm definitely keeping this one installed, I want to see what could bring in the future (but please add a game icon :P)

  • Blursed Engine Abuse

    What if, instead of a mad scientist as the villain of a game, you had one as the developer?

    Looking at the scope and design goals of this project, it feels like it really should have the "Joke / April Fools" tag. Looking at the actual execution, it becomes obvious that it really should not.

    The Boom game, in particular, seems to be a complete software-rendered 3D game implemented in typescript, transpiled into Lua, and rendering to [png: texture modifiers; the fact that it actually runs at all on my laptop from 2012 is amazing. Bit's Battle demonstrates that it's not just pure tech demos that run in this environment, but games with actual gameplay and progression, albeit only a rudimentary amount as implemented so far.

    To enjoy this "game" to the fullest, it helps for a player to understand the spectrum of games that have been created in Minetest, and understand how much this is abusing the game engine to make it possible. It feels like something in the same spirit as arbitrary code execution in NES games. Rather than being "immersed" in the experience, it sort of demands that you remember that this is all running inside Minetest. There's not a ton of depth and it won't keep you occupied for hours (especially if it crashes MT in a few minutes; I don't know where the "B" in "BOOM" comes from, but I know where the "OOM" does) but it's a spectacle worth witnessing.

  • Cool tech demo, but not exactly anything to play

    I like this demonstration of just how much Minetest can be abused, but there isn't really anything to do; all the "games" become pretty boring pretty fast.

  • Deserved the win IMO

    When I launched the game I couldn't beleive it.

    It a crazy technical showcase.

    Its build with TypeScript (!), provide a game in 3d (!), can handle multiple windows (!).

    All with the Minetest inputs and the HUD API.

    Oh and maybe even more impressive:

  • Pushing Minetest and this Game Jam to Its Limits

    Rating Scale:

    1-10 for each of the 6 categories, 1 being a thumbs down, 10 being a thumbs up. Max total being 60.

    Gameplay: 5 | Innovation: 10 | Graphics (Content) 10 | Music & Sound (Content): 9 | Theme: 9 | Stability: 10 |

    Total: 53

    In the context of a game jam I am slightly conflicted about where to place this entry, but evaluating it as a tech demo and bold statement about what you can do with the engine, I have to say I am very impressed. I don't know nearly enough about the technology used to achieve this, but it definitely is unlikely anything I have seen produced in Minetest.

    The 'OS' itself felt very nostalgic and retro with a pinch of humour throughout, perhaps most noteworthy at the initial BIOS screen. The games again were mainly tech demos and don't offer much proper progression or re-playability, but again, looking at Boom especially, you can't deny that what jordan4ibanez has pulled off here is very admirable. The choice of games they drew inspiration and recreated also adds to that sense of comfortable nostalgia. Bits Battle probably brought back the most memories of my early encounters with computers. Also have to give some props to the sound design, it really added to the ambience.

    I'll second Zughy and say that I'll keep this installed and see if it gets developed any further outside of the jam.

  • Honestly surprised

    OVERVIEW - I was honestly surprised that something like this was created in Minetest. It was very cool to see. I'm giving this a good review, mainly because it's very impressive! Negative points: there ofc wasen't much gameplay, and, this didn't fit the "Unexpected" theme that well. Good job :)


    1 - Not a fan 2 - Meh 3 - Okay 4 - Good 5 - Love it!

    GAMEPLAY - 1

    GRAPHICS - 4



    SOUNDS & MUSIC - 5

    THEME - 1

    TOTAL - 20 (Good)

  • Wow

    Quite impresive that you managed to recreate an entire OS along with 3 diff games inside the glitchy & high level game engine that MineTest is.

  • Strange. Very well-coded and impressive that someone could do this.

    Well, this is not a game. It's an operating system with several games on it. Yes that's really really cool. Yes that is super unexpected. Did I like it? Sadly not that much. But that doesn't make it bad.

    Lists and ratings:

    Scores rate how good different aspects of the game are.

    Effects is mostly how the game looks and is built. If a game doesn’t have good-looking textures, particle effects, or architecture that is actually plot-relevant, it can get a low Effects score.

    Gameplay involves how good, fun, interesting or effective the gameplay is. If a game doesn’t have well-designed puzzles that are something a gamer actually feels they can figure out with obvious end results, it can get a low Gameplay score.

    Plot, of course, is how good the plot is, how well it fits with the game itself, and whether it is interesting enough to keep players interested. If a game doesn’t have an obvious plot or goals, it can get a low Plot score.

    Theme is how the game feels and is laid out. If a game doesn’t feel right, have a theme that fits its plot or gameplay, or is too bland or empty-feeling, it can get a low Theme score.

    Unexpected Theme is only how a game fits the theme of the 2024 Game Jam.

    All of these are rated out of ten (#/10), and the final result will be a combination of all these scores out of fifty (#/50).

    Effects: 8/10

    Gameplay: 6/10

    Plot: 6/10

    Theme: 2/10

    Unexpected Theme: 10/10

    Overall: 32/50

  • Very inventive!

    (Disclaimer: This review was made in the context of the game jam 2023. May contain spoilers.)

    • Cool project!
    • Many interesting details, like the floating point error in the LuaJIT version. x)
    • From a players perspective, there's sadly not much to play.
    • The high pitched sound hurts my ears. I'd like to have an option to disable it.
  • Thumbs up for the innovation

    Well, this is something special. It replicates the UI of old OSes from like 30 years ago and captures the look-and-feel ... somewhat. Even the booting screen is (somewhat) replicated.

    It supports multiple windows (but overlapping is buggy). It can run multiple "applications" (read: windows) at once.

    The most impressive part in mineos is "Boom", a simple Doom-like shooter completely within a window. This window is very small but it actually works. The game itself lets you just shoot things, there is no mission, health or pickups, but it's a great proof-of-concept.

    There's also a Pong clone (sadly, no win condition, too) and a ... Lua interpreter (which is very hard to use since you must type with a on-screen keyboard).

    I am a bit disappointed there aren't more applications or things to do, or that at the very least , the existing things weren't more fleshed-out. The icons on the desktop can only be dragged but are otherwise non-functional so a bit more polishing would have been nice.

    But still: Thumbs up because of the innovation. Although there is not much to do and it gets boring fast and there isn't much in terms of gameplay, it's the technical innovation that you check out.

  • Cool gameee

    The game looks so great :> i got surprised about the mouse and the system, its gooood

  • It's an os in a 3d minecraft clone on a linux computer

    You can play wolfenstien 3d and chips challenge so that automaticly gives it some points. But is would also benifit from a bit more content

  • Very cool operating system, but not a lot to do with it

    There's simply not enough 'gameplay' for this to be worthwhile yet - the mini-games included are cool, but are repetitive and aren't going to keep you interested for very long.

    Ideally, the ability to create programs and coding IN the operating system would make this a very entertaining game for computer geeks. But as it is now, it's basically a rad-looking interface that doesn't actually serve any purposes (except the mini-games maybe).

    Side note: Digiline touchscreens from the digilines and digilinesplus mods can create a real operating system that can actually be modified by the client, if you work hard enough at it!

  • Nostalgic and actually fun

    Spent more time in mineos than in any other gamejam game. Technically it's the most impressive entry by far and should win only because of that, so that aspiring developers will pay more attention to the least obvious but extremely important part of gamedev - performance

  • Great work

    Really original and cool project. I wish you winning on gamejam and luck in future development!

  • My review of this game

    gameplay: 5/10

    innovation 8/10

    content: 8/10

    theme: 2/10

    Overall rating: 23/40 (Not bad)

  • wow just wow!!!

    wow you have really outdone yourself jordan! amazing, just freakishly outstanding!!! no words just magical! how is this your only mod on cdb!!! your the man jordan!

  • WIP

    No screensavers :^(



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