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*Attention** Because this is still a project for me to learn and improve my coding and design I have tried to move things to what I would assume is logical places and rename them to try and make things simpler. Because of this recently the updates don't update things properly so it is better to remove and then reinstall the game for it to work.

Minegistics is a building game with logistics networks, power grids, towns and trains.

In your starting inventory you have collectors, power plant, rails, trains, a market, a town, and some coal.

To get resources you need to place a collector on top of a node and power it. (Collectors can collect wood from trees when placed next to a forest.)

To produce power you need to supply a power plant with coal or wood for fuel. Buildings within range of the power plant will be supplied with power. Open your inventory and click the power button to see information about your power grid.

To make money, you will need to place a market and town and connect them together with rails and a train. Supply the market with goods from a collector, factory, workshop or farm. These items will be sold.

Thank you for all the interest and support I am striving to make it a better game and more towards my idea of a finished project. I am still currently activly working on it just at slower pace when I can find time in my busy life. Hope that you are all enjoying yourselves.

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  • I can see that this game can become a really fun sim game

    I would love to see some more-detailed models, and more things to do, and better explanation of what to do, but this is already a neat thing to mess around with

  • Great game, great potential

    Review is now outdated. At a glance many more issues were fixed.

    Ok, so clearly I'm the first reviewer to see the content of this game now that it is, actually, a game.

    It's an automation-centered idle factory game, with:

    • trains (move resources)
    • markets (sell resources)
    • towns (a bit odd, holds the people to sell the resources to. quirky, not bad.)
    • warehouses (hold things - has interesting interaction with factories)
    • factories (increase the value of resources)
    • break rail (slow down trains - interesting interaction with factories)
    • power plant (power your things. only 5 buildings tho. That's a good thing that its so low for balancing reasons.)
    • rail (trains ride on them)
    • powered rail (trains speed up on them)
    • collector (mines ores)

    It's fairly balanced. I tried to upgrade a fairly long rail pathway, and it took a bit of time, as I ran out of money after spending most of it on power rails. I had to wait for my now partially upgraded track pathway to give me more money (at a now faster-on-average pace). This seems to be good.

    There's a few (mostly minor) issues I have with it, though.

    1. The hitboxes for almost everything needs adjustment.
      • Buildings can overlap. (though ores can in fact spawn very close, so perhaps not an issue?)
      • You can walk inside buildings, and its ugly when you do that.
    2. You can't always see the inventory on trains
    3. While the store does currently autoupdate when you get money, etc, the power plant menu doesn't update when you place a power plant or a building.
    4. Unreliable train-loading and unloading

    Lastly, to the dev: Great job on not giving up. Lots of new game developers, if they saw so many profoundly negative reviews on contentdb, they'd give up. You didn't and your game is much better because of it. Keep it up!

  • This is Train Tycoom

    I love how this game works it is like train tycoon games but it is in minetest and cubic. This reminds me of model trains i had when i was small but a little more interesting like tycoon games. I like how powerplants power the town and extractors which can be placed on ores which is good. But i have seen small bugs like train going offrail. Already feels fulfilled but much more amazing with more feature and inventory improvement.

  • A nice and basic train tycoon game

    Its on its early stages but with enough complexity to give you at least an hour of game before you can produce every item in the game. It can crash when using refineries tho. Check the github issues for a fix.

  • Suggestion

    Tin + Meat/Fruit = Canned Food



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