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This is my first ever attempt at making a game for minetest let alone much programming. I wanted to at least post it even thought I didn't necessarily get it finished I'll keep working on it until the deadline.

The forum link is below. If you want to follow along.



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  • Game doesn't launch and there is nothing to do

    I had to modify one of the files (there was an end missing) in order to launch the game. This makes me wonder whether the author tested the project before releasing it, making me lean for a negative answer.
    Once I fixed the game, things didn't improve, as there was literally nothing to do. I wonder why this has been submitted if players can't do anything

  • WIP... too WIP


    Horribly unfinished. So too is this review, not to be harsh, but because i really have no idea what this game is supposed to be. Whenever a more complete release is made i will re-review this game appropiately. I wish the best of luck to the developer.

    Working with what i can see

    I believe MG (Minegistic) is an attempt at a shapez io-like(?) game implemented in MTE. I understand that this is merely a beginner's attempt at doing something different to contribute for MTE. Game development is not something anyone can pick up immediately within a couple days. Most of the participants in the game jam have tons of experience beforehand. With this in mind, i hope the developer will regain their enthusiasm and further play around with MTE. Perhaps in the future, they will be able to revisit this idea that initially could not be executed today.

  • 2/10 | not much to do

    Can't get it to load, seems like there's an error in the minecart mod

    EDIT 2021-12-23: It's been fixed by the maintainer so I finally got to play it. The game really seems more like a test than an actual game, there's only one biome and the only thing you can do is place nodes... ...that don't seem to do anything. I do realize that this is your first attempt at writing a computer game, but I'm using the same rating criteria for every game, I hope you understand.

    That being said, I encourage you to keep learning and maybe next year you will make a game that ends up in the top three.

    Final rating: 2/10

  • Nothing to do

    The M and C can't be picked up, so I had to delete the world and start over a few times. For those who haven't figured it out: Place the C next to some ores. Place the minecart + rail next to the C. Place the M next to that. Then the M will be filled with those ores... There doesn't seem to be anything else to do.

  • It doesn't work

    As said in description it's unfinished.