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  • New concept

    Of all the other puzzle games I've played so far I never came across this incredibly interesting concept. Definitely challenging and thanks to various non-repetitive levels it doesn't get boring.

  • Great Theme, Great Puzzles, Good Game

    Without spoilers, lets try to give a decent review:

    1. Great theme, you stick to your style and that helps tremendously with the presentation
    2. The puzzles are very well set up. Got frustrated multiple times, and eventually suceeded. Defintely easier the second time you go at a level.
    3. I love that I have to use my minetest knowledge for default dig distance and sneak to succeed when my spatial awareness fails me.
    4. Without saves or a level selector, this is the perfect size of levels for this game. If you do go that route sometime, please keep the "streak" mechanic between levels/rooms. So we would make level "sets" for your game. Essentially gaunlets :)

    Other details: * It needs some music, feel free to reach out an I can spin up some for you if you want. * Voice acting or microsoft sam might be appropriate for the text * some sort of multiplayer where I drink for both, and they place blocks for both, or something similar might be really interesting

  • Overall: Amazing

    This was great! I can't wait for more levels

    0: Bad
    1: Meh
    2: Ok
    3: Good
    4: Amazing
    Fun       : 4
    Innovation: 4
    Graphics  : 2
    Audio     : 2.5
    Humor     : 2.5
    Mood      : 4
  • Simple but fun story puzzle game

    It's nice to see another puzzle game, but one with a mini-story built into as well.

    That being said, the story is as mentioned, mini, and there could be potential for more, especially with the way they are displayed. The puzzle element is definitely something new and fun, nothing much to complain in that aspect, it does that well.

  • 398/450: Alter

    GAME DESCRIPTION: Alter is a game where you start in a lab where experiments have been performed and you are in a quantumly entangled state. You must solve puzzles, increasing in complexity until you beat the game.


    • Visual Appeal: 10/20

    • Sound/Audio Design: 10/20

    • Completeness: 28/30

    • License: 30/30

    • Originality: 50/50

    • Gameplay: 50/50

    • Performance: 50/50

    • User Friendly/Intuitive: 80/100

    • Codebase: 140/150

    FINAL SCORE: 398/450

    FINAL THOUGHTS: This is a game that from my perspective, takes inspiration from Portal but does a fine job of making it its' own game. I hope to see updates for this in the future!

    NOTE: Recommended/not recommended is based on if the score is an 84% or higher.

  • Finally a good puzzle game

    Alter features simple yet challenging puzzle game mechanics. There are only some minor issues, relating to incomplete theming (such as the default player skin or the buttons without background). There is however one game-breaking bug: When you hit ESC while in the tutorial formspec, you don't get the potion and are stuck. Once you have that figured out (and you may consider that part of the challenge ;-)) it gets fun!

  • Solid puzzle with Portal humour

    I think that, to me, this is the most polished and fun game to play of the whole 2021 jam. I'm not that into puzzle games, but this was very fun and challenging to play. The humour adds personality and little breaks from the challenge, alongside levels that don't tend to be repetitive, always adding something new.
    My only critique is how much the game punishes players, making them start from the very beginning when they fail a level (that's what happened to me in the one requiring spatial memory, and I refused to start again). Infinite potions or making people restart that specific level might be a better solution that avoids excessive frustration

  • great entertainment

    ill be honest, looking at the screenshot for this game and initially opening it, i thought, man, this game is really lackluster and simple looking. i didnt know how wrong i could be. It does have a simple look and bare bones UI (formspecs), but it manages to be a very interesting and challanging puzzle game that can keep you entertained for a while. the one suggestion i would have to improve it is to allow restarting a level, rather than restarting the whole game.

  • Very nice puzzle game

    Very well done. Good mechanics and I like the dialogue. There are a few unpolished bits, like the unchanged hand texture. Please continue this after the jam!

  • Impressive puzzle- solver featuring innovative gameplay

    If you are bored of the usual ways of playing Minetest games, look no further: it's a very stable minigame, it has simple graphics that let you keep your focus when solving puzzles, and, last but not least, features a really innovative mechanic, that opens many roads for interesting and fun gameplay! The story elements are well spaced out, and will "guide" you through the various challenges you'll face in the lab. Its mechanics are simple in appearance, but are actually pretty clever, considering they merge together player properties with the node- space; a feat few games try to pull off (save parkour ones).

    It was sadly a bit short of an experience, just when I was starting to get the hang of it, too; but I suppose we'll be seeing further levels down the road as the game implies. It seems to me this is a very new gameplay- style for Minetest, so I'll wait and see if more can be done with it in the future.

    Post- Jam development should focus on:

    • showcasing all the different possibilities the mechanic offers, in more levels;

    • maybe change the player's skin to something else;

    • polishing player experience (e.g. maybe add some more story elements to keep the player's interest, maybe add more worldbuilding elements, maybe add a boss fight)

    Me and my Alter both recommend!

  • Rudimentary, but still worth a play long after the Jam

    Some Jam games, particularly the bottom of the ladder, tend to not be very good due to time constraints or bad design. This game, which ranked first, definitely deserves a spot among the top - probably the top. It's not the type of entry that gets played during reviews and barely afterwards. That said, it's also clear that it was made in a fairly short time, in how it takes only a short while to complete.

    The game is not hard to understand. It introduces itself with a mysterious narrator, who gives guidance and hints. The difficulty of the puzzles slowly increases. You will need spatial reasoning and some movement skills in order to beat it. It does take a bit of a turn from puzzle elements to parkour in later levels, but it is not really a "hardcore parkour".

    I kind of wanted to play freely at the end rather than return straight to the end, but that's alright.

    For any returning players: The game had a bug in the post-Jam period due to a reshuffle of the mods. The "restart on same level" feature didn't work due to giving an "unknown item" instead of the usual teleport vials. This has been fixed in the first 2024 release.

  • Fun Concept, and decent execution, however..

    I had fun playing this, up to a point. The only issue that I currently have with this game is that when you run out of vials you have no choice but to restart the entire game from chamber 1. This is such a small thing that completely ruins it for me. Especially since your vials dont get completely reset and just get added on, meaning you could've used 1 too many vials a few chambers ago and it makes the next one impossible to complete. Either reset the vials to a full stack every chamber, give the player unlimited vials, or make it so losing just brings you back to the last chamber.

    A really fun concept completely soured by the game over mechanic. I think a lot of people will just say I'm raging and maybe I am, but I genuinely can't imagine having to restart the entire game because a mistake made a few chambers ago.

  • Short Puzzle Game About Mirror Worlds

    This is a fun and short puzzle game. It was clearly designed for one player only, but it is possible to play multiplayer as long as all players are at the button before someone presses it (You can smuggle extra cubes into levels by doing this.). There were a few puzzles that made me think they would be really difficult and maybe give up, but we always figured out the solution without too much trouble.

    I would recommend this game if you like puzzles.

  • Good puzzle game

    The gameplay is well suited for Minetest. Could use some polishing, but already quite fun.

  • An interesting puzzle concept

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep1):


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Alter
    Gameplay - 4 
    Graphics - 3
    Player-Friendly - 5
    Performance - 5
    Sounds & Music - 3

    OVERALL: 19 (Great)


    Alter is a very interesting concept for a puzzle game. I kept closing the tutorial at the beginning, I was really confused, I finally figured out that I was supossed to press one of the answers. Not really sure if there is any way to make that more apparent. Good job, nice game!

  • Original puzzles

    It's a nice game, not hard and easy to understand. The concept is awesome. I just didn't understand why I had the Minetest alpha version's skin. I hope more content in this genre soon.

  • Cool puzzle game

    Unique concept that has decent levels. Maybe I ended up cheesing a lot of the levels, but a lot of the levels seemed to be basically the same thing and didn't seem that interesting. The reason why I say I think I didn't quite do what the game intended you to do is that the level that highlights that your velocity transfers across teleports is near the end and I had been using that the entire time. The worst part for me is that right when I thought the game has something good going, I realized that the level I was on was the final level.

    Still though, I found the gameplay of figuring out the levels very fun and the concept is cool. Not having enough levels is one of the best complaints you can have!

  • Amazing Interesting Mirror Puzzles

    I have been playing this game since the beginning. It is very interesting to play also the puzzle is like mirror which i can say is good mind thinking way. Interesting Beginning as Nodecore i think so it is quite like that but this is much easier and fun.

  • Great puzzle game

    Fun and challenging puzzle game with a nice IA to keep you company.

  • Buen juego de puzles

    Me recuerda al Portal, a pesar de estar en temprano desarrollo ya me lo estoy imaginando con mas sonidos y una verdadera voz metalica.

  • Good work

    Nice puzzle game.

  • Too little

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    The idea for the game is okay, but I think there are just too few levels. There are no sounds. Also, the game doesn't have too many puzzle concepts as well. I appreciate the little "story", but it's still just too little, too boring. Sorry.

  • meh

    i would do the thumb up but it is glitchie and sometimes the liquid doent work and same for button even thouhg i m next to it. other than that, it is creative and kinda fun and confusing in good way. i will enjoy waiting for new levles. by the way, ples make it so you doent have to restart every time....

  • Tutorial?

    No explanation of what to do or how to get the tutorial, which was later explained to me on discord. IMO the tutorial should be abundantly clear and easy to find (or not even find), specially due to the fact that the tutorial gave you items essential to the game. Furthermore, the textures were simple and when i did find out how to play, the buttons were glitchy and only worked every now and then.

  • great

    so interesting

  • Reviews from Emojiminetest: WOW!


    • Map, sence and conversations, every game should learn this





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