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Game Jam 2023

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Entries to the 2023 Minetest Game Jam


mineos screenshot
mineos by jordan4ibanez

An operating system.

Citadel screenshot
Citadel by Irevol

A time-traveling puzzle game

Ghost Crypt screenshot
Ghost Crypt by group_foo

Steal the treasure while avoiding ghosts.

Shadow Forest screenshot
Shadow Forest by Wuzzy

The forest has been overrun by the Shadows who’ve cursed it with eternal darkness. You’re the Wizard of Light; you’re the only hope to break the curse.

Veil of the Unknown screenshot
Veil of the Unknown by StarNinjas

Experience a world of complete blindness. Try you best to survive without the gift of sight.

Fill the Void screenshot
Fill the Void by Charleston314

You start in a empty, boring world. What it becomes is up to you.