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Soothing 32 screenshot
Soothing 32 by Zughy

Lightweight yet aesthetically pleasing texture pack. Seriously, it could run on a toaster!

Asuna screenshot
Asuna by EmptyStar

A vibrant world of beautiful biomes. Explore, discover, create.

Voxelgarden screenshot
Voxelgarden by Casimir

A classic game for exploring, survival and building

Balloonair screenshot
Balloonair by NO11

A hot air balloon game created for the 2021 Minetest GAME JAM.

Backrooms Test screenshot
Backrooms Test by Sumianvoice

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?

Voxel Dungeon screenshot
Voxel Dungeon by Noodlemire

This is a recreation and adaptation of an Android rogue-like game, Pixel Dungeon by Watabou.