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Welcome to the vast and vibrant world of Asuna! Journey through a potpourri of natural wonders as you traverse beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Forests, meadows, jungles, tundras, deserts, swamps, and more await you at every horizon.

This passion project brings together some of the very best biome and world decoration mods that the Minetest community has published. Much of Asuna's beauty is owed to the mod authors who have openly shared the fruits of their hard work and imagination. Asuna stands to honor these authors and their work.

NOTE: This game is currently a work in progress! Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.

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Asuna provides a wealth of biomes, flora, fauna, and a few other extras. Primary features are highlighted below with the mods they are primarily derived from:


Asuna's features provide a beautiful setting for your own adventures and creations, and a colorful palette with which to create. It's up to you to write your own story, to build your own marvels, and to find your own purpose.

While Asuna is a traditional voxel sandbox game at its core, some provided gameplay features are listed below. For even more gameplay options, check out ContentDB to find mods that can fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

All gameplay elements listed below are made optional and configurable via Settings > All Settings > Content: Games > Asuna.


Players in the world of Asuna benefit from helpful effects granted by staying well fed. A derivative of the "hunger" concept, Asuna revamps this familiar gameplay mechanic to be strictly beneficial to players in a way that aids in exploration and survival. Players will enjoy the following effects when they have eaten:

  • Increased movement speed (up to +25% when full)
  • The ability to sprint (+100% movement speed while holding the aux1 key)
  • Health regeneration (chance to recover health every five seconds)
  • Resistance to poisonous foods (chance to lose nutrition instead of health)

These effects are most pronounced when a player is fully satiated and will diminish gradually as a player becomes hungry. Hunger will only diminish these effects and cannot hurt players unless starvation is explicitly enabled via game settings (disabled by default). Other settings exist to disable nutrition altogether and to modify how slowly or how quickly players become hungry.

This functionality is implemented using a modified version of the Stamina mod.

Loot Chests

Players can find caches of useful items hidden throughout the caves and landscapes of Asuna. Loot chests, their contents, and their distribution are dependent on the environment in which they are found.

  • Baskets: Found next to hills, trees, bushes, and in shallow caves, baskets contain items such as food, grasses, wood, seeds, flowers, and leaves.
  • Urns: These stone vessels are found at a limited depth in caves and can contain tools, stones, gems, crystals, ores, and some limited food items.
  • Ancient Chests: These old stone chests are found rarely in caves and contain high quality tools, rare gems, mese crystals, and many exotic items that are otherwise rare in the world.
  • Ocean Chests: These chests are found in deep ocean amidst dense kelp and near shipwrecks, and they contain a variety of useful items in addition to aquatic decorations.

These chests are implemented by a modified version of LootChests modpack.


Asuna is home to a number of wild animals which can be found roaming about their natural habitats. These animals are highly interactive and can be fed, bred, tamed, and hunted. These animals are implemented via the Animalia mod which describes the animals in greater detail.



Do you recommend this game?

  • A very delicious mod soup

    It is still painfully obvious that this is a blend of mods. But the developer actually blended them and cooked them down into something great. The only thing that really gives it away at this point are the very mix-matched textures. But gameplay is perfect. If you like Minecraft with some biome mods like biomes o'plenty or oh the biomes you'll go, this is a must play. You get new items, cool mapgen, and too many stones. I have personally talked with the Dev, and she has huge plans for this game. Why are you still in the reviews section? Play Asuna instead. Go.

  • Love this. Needed hostile mobs and a few tweaks.

    This is absolutely gorgeous and immersive. Just needed to make it more challenging. To that end, I created a modpack that when you add it adds lots of hostile mobs, villages, and sounds. Now I like playing it more than MineCraft or MineClone. See comments below for new package to add mobs.

  • WAY better than Ethereal NG!

    This game is just great and gorgeous!

  • My favorite way of playing Minetest

    After playing with this game and loading more mods to taste on top of it, I think this is just the best way to experience Minetest Game. It expands and adds on to the basic gameplay enough to make things very beautiful and varied, while still leaving most things basic enough for you to choose and add on to with mods. The only real downside is that it requires a stronger machine to run smoothly as the biomes that get generated can be pretty huge and filled with pretty lighting effects. Perfectly cooked modsoup for you to add spice to taste. Usable for fun survival or creative worlds.

  • Pretty world, player UI feels dated

    The world makes good use of biome mods to create an interesting looking world. A simple but modern crafting UI like that of Repixture's would be a good fit. As it is there are just too many recipies shown when the player starts and that spoils the exploration a bit.
    The animals did not make noise, not sure if this is intentional.
    Regardless, I would recommend anyone try the world and give feedback!

  • A fun and exciting (buggy) game

    This game is great. Diversity in the biomes, in the creatures, in the cultures! I can't play it though, as there are still a lot of bugs, but I'm keeping the game installed to see how it evolves. I also hope you'll create a Matrix lounge in the future, as I don't have a Discord account.

  • Vibrant worlds

    This game is a really nice game which generates some really goregeous biomes making the world much vibrant, beautiful and adoring. The biomes in the game are impressive as you have biomes in the overworld and the underworld. What I love more about this game is that you have a variety of trees in this game which make it much beautiful.

    But I have 2 requests for you: 1. please provide a minimum game version so that older clients don't download this causing them errors, 2. I have also made an underworld biomes mod, please check it and if you like it please add it to your game.

  • It has the potential to become the new Minetest base game, with all we could want

    I love the way biomes' generations are very balanced. The music during game is also super relaxing and engaging. It also contains the biomes from Ethereal, but deactivates the damage that torches cause when you activate the Ethereal mod in a regular MTG world, which is awesome, I always hated that aspect from Ethereal. I also liked that you chose Animalia instead of mobs_redo, but do you plan to add any monsters? There's a new biomes mod that, to be honest, I've liked more than any other that I've tried before, and I think that you should add those biomes to this game also. The mod is called Everness. Please take a look at it and consider adding it to the game. Let me know if you plan to add hostile mobs.

  • Seems

    have potential to became most playable game



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