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Welcome to the vast and vibrant world of Asuna! Journey through a potpourri of natural wonders as you traverse beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Forests, meadows, jungles, tundras, deserts, swamps, and more await you at every horizon.

This passion project brings together some of the very best biome and world decoration mods that the Minetest community has published. Much of Asuna's beauty is owed to the mod authors who have openly shared the fruits of their hard work and imagination. Asuna stands to honor these authors and their work.

NOTE: This game is currently a work in progress! Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.


Asuna provides a wealth of biomes, flora, fauna, and a few other extras. Primary features are highlighted below with the mods they are primarily derived from:


Asuna's features provide a beautiful setting for your own adventures and creations, and a colorful palette with which to create. It's up to you to write your own story, to build your own marvels, and to find your own purpose.

If you're looking for a game that delivers:

  • Complex and rewarding new survival mechanics
  • Emergent gameplay based on new dimensions of world interaction
  • A deep progression system that brings players to new heights of power

...then it's up to you to construct these experiences because Asuna provides none of this! Asuna utilizes but a fraction of what the Minetest community has to offer to its fellow modders and players. Take a look at ContentDB to find more mods that can fulfill all of your wildest dreams.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Seems

    have potential to became most playable game

  • It has the potential to become the new Minetest base game, with all we could want

    I love the way biomes' generations are very balanced. The music during game is also super relaxing and engaging. It also contains the biomes from Ethereal, but deactivates the damage that torches cause when you activate the Ethereal mod in a regular MTG world, which is awesome, I always hated that aspect from Ethereal. I also liked that you chose Animalia instead of mobs_redo, but do you plan to add any monsters? There's a new biomes mod that, to be honest, I've liked more than any other that I've tried before, and I think that you should add those biomes to this game also. The mod is called Everness. Please take a look at it and consider adding it to the game. Let me know if you plan to add hostile mobs.

  • Very cool game, very buggy

    I love it, and once some of the bugs are fixed I may switch from MTG. It has quite the selection of mods. I'll do a more in-depth review once it is more stable.



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