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Tropical Islands

A collection by Neuromancer

A set of mods to create interesting gameplay for a Tropical Islands environment

Note: The magma conduits mod needs to use the following settings: Minimum volcano peak elevation = 20 Region mapblocks =8 Probability of active volcano in region = 0.7


Islands screenshot
Islands by Termos

lua mapgen featuring tropical islands and vast ocean

Coconut Trees screenshot
Coconut Trees by Neuromancer

Adds coconut trees with edible coconuts & thatch blocks

Pineapple screenshot
Pineapple by Neuromancer

Pineapple crop for tropical biomes

Wilhelmines People screenshot
Wilhelmines People by Liil

Adds the possibility to build living Villages. Trade items for random stuff from your villagers, recruit mounts and warriors.

Magma Conduits screenshot
Magma Conduits by FaceDeer

Removes default mapgen lava and adds widely-spaced vertical lava "veins".

Stamina screenshot
Stamina by sofar

Adds stamina, sprinting, and hunger

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Ambience screenshot
Ambience by TenPlus1

Adds realistic sound effects into your world.